VOSH Clinic Opportunities

If interested in volunteering or finding out more, please contact the person listed

Upcoming Clinics: 2018

January 6-13, to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, VOSH-CT, Contact Matthew Blondin, OD, mblond2@aol.com

January 8-11, to Santiago, Dominican Republic, VOSH-NE, Contact Ellen Weiss, OD weiss@vosh.org (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

January 25 – February 4, to Mataquescuintla, Guatemala, VOSH-Ontario, Contact Pete Huitema, petehuitema@quadro.net

January 27, La Grange, IL, CURE Vision Screening, Contact Tracy Matchinski, OD, TMatchin@ico.edu

February 9-18, to Santa Patrica, Nicaragua, VOSH-Southeast, Contact Suzy Eberle, basicnicaragua@gmail.com

February 3-12, to Colon, Panama, VOSH-Kansas, Contact Bob Arnold, eyedoc1@gmail.com 

February 14-24, to El Estor, Guatemala, VOSH-Santa Cruz (Montreal, Quebec), Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca (There will be follow-up cataract surgeries in April 2018 by ophthalmologists from HELPS International). Looking for ten 3rd or 4th year SVOSH members to join.

February 26-March 3, to Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (VOSH-AZ), Contact Dan Twelker, OD, dtwelker@eyes.arizona.edu

March to local outreach clinic in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, VOSH-Ghana, Contact Dr. Abena Ntim, mailto:tesluvin@gmail.com

March 17-24, to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, SVOSH-KYCO, Contact Eilene Kinzer, OD, EileneKinzer@UPIKE.edu

March 17-24, to Vallegrande, Bolivia, VOSH-IL, SVOSH STUDENTS WELCOMED, Contact Natalie Venezia, venezia@vosh.org 

March 23-April 1 to Costa Rica, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact puco@svoshinternational.com (Trip Full)

March 23-April 1 to Nicaragua, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact puco@svoshinternational.com (Trip Full)

March 23-April 1 to Senegal, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact puco@svoshinternational.com (Trip Full)

April to Dominican Republic, SVOSH-NECO, Contact neco@svoshinternational.com

April 30, to Peru, VOSH-Santa Cruz (Montreal, Quebec), Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca

May 13-19, to Pont Sonde, Haiti, VOSH-PA, Contact Mark Shust, mshust@salus.edu

June 1, to Moldova, VOSH-Santa Cruz (Montreal, Quebec), Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca 

June 17 – 30, to Romania, VOSH-Southeast, Contact Charlie Covington, charlescovington@gmail.com

July 7-14, to Cap Haitian, Haiti VOSH-PA and SVOSH-Waterloo, Contact team leader Nancy Delucia, nandee8886@gmail.com or Dr. David Mcphillips, drmcpod@gmail.com. ODs Wanted!

July 15, to Ecuador, VOSH-Santa Cruz (Montreal, Quebec), Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca 

August to Guatemala and Belize, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact  puco@svoshinternational.com 

Past Clinics: 2017

January 6-14, to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, VOSH-CT, Contact Matthew Blondin, OD, mblond2@aol.com

January 8-14, to Cap Haitien, Haiti, VOSH-PA, Contact Diane Wilson dianewilson1661@gmail.com

January 10-13, to Penal, Trinidad, VOSH-NC, Contact Christina Smith, OD drcsmith@bellsouth.net 

January 22 – 27, to Santiago, Dominican Republic, VOSH-NE, Contact Ellen Weiss, OD weiss@vosh.org (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

January 28 – February 5, to Gomez-Palacio, Mexico, VOSH-SD, Contact Philip “Jelipe” Bugaiski, OD, drbugaiski@thedvc.net

January 29 – February 5, to Juigalpa, Nicaragua, Hopeful Ways, Contact Jim Carlins jjcarlins@hopefulways.org

January 20 – 29, to Mataquescuintla, Guatemala, VOSH-Ontario, Contact Pete Huitema petehuitema@quadro.net

January 28 – February 5, to Cedros, Honduras, VOSH-OH, Contact Barbara Plaugher arliss@wcoil.com

January 29 – February 4, to Gomez Palacio, Mexico, VOSH-SD, Contact Nathan Wiederholt, OD, wiederholtn@hotmail.com

February 5 – 20, to St. Martin, Ministry of Health, Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca

February 10 – 19, to Chinandega, Nicaragua, VOSH-SE, Contact Suzy Eberle, basicnicaragua@gmail.com

February 19-26, to El Salvador, VOSH-MN (hosted by FUDEM), Contact Julie Walsh, OD, jlwalsh@midco.net

February 27-March 3, to Hermosillo, Sonora, VOSH-AZ & SVOSH-Midwestern, Contact J. Daniel Twelker, OD, dtwelker@eyes.arizona.edu

March 8-15, to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, VOSH-IN,  Contact voshin22916@gmail.com

March 11 – 18to Cap Haitien, Haiti, VOSH-PA, Contact Mark Rakoczy, OD, mrakoczy831@gmail.com

March 13-19, to Guerrero Clinic, Chihuahua, Mexico, VOSH-TX, Contact Tom Pruett, OD, twpruett@comcast.net

March 22, to Wise, VA, VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org 

March 23Clintwood, VA VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org 

March 31 – April 2, to Coachella, California, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD drgregpearl@yahoo.co

March 24 – April 2, to Honduras, Central America, VOSH-MI, Contact Bob Foote, bobfooteod@att.net

April 13-17, to La Purisima, Baja, California, VOSH-IL & VOSH-CA, Contact Natalie Venezia, ncvenezia@mac.com (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

April 20 to Tecate, Mexico, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD pearl@vosh.org

May 3-10, to Moca, Dominican Republic, VOSH-SE, Contact Max Bruss, maxobrusso@gmail.com

May 5-7, to Smyth County, VA, VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org  

May 12-19, to FUDEM Clinic El Salvador, VOSH-IL, Contact Tracy Matchinski, OD, tmatchinski@aol.com (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

May 20-28, to Tumbala, Chiapas, Mexico, VOSH-CA, Contact Dr. David Kageyama, dtkageyama@hotmail.com WAIT LIST ONLY

May 21-27, to Pont Sonde, Haiti, VOSH-PA, Contact Mark Shust, OD, mshust@salus.edu

May 28-June 4, to Matagalpa Region, Nicaragua, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com

June 4-11, to El Sauce Region, Nicaragua, VOSH-CA, Contact Kristen White, OD, kristinrosewhite10@gmail.com

May 2017, to Republic of Moldavia, VOSH-Quebec, Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca

June 2017, to Ecuador, VOSH-Quebec, Contact Pierre Labine, pierrelabine@sympatico.ca

June 24-25Emporia, VA VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org

July 2017, to Peru, VOSH-Quebec, Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca

July 21-30, to Chinandega, Nicaragua, VOSH-SE, Contact Suzy Eberle, basicnicaragua@gmail.com

July 21-23Wise County, VA, VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org

July 17-23, to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, VOSH-SE, Contact John Spencer, OD, John.Spencer@allina.com

July 21-30, to Chinandega, Nicaragua, VOSH-SE, Contact Suzy Eberle,  basicnicaragua@gmail.com

July 24-30, to Guerrero Clinic, Chihuahua, Mexico, VOSH-TX, Contact Tom Pruitt, OD, twpruett@comcast.net

August 5-12 to Comitancillo, Guatemala, VOSH-SE,  Contact Susan Stees, seweyes@aol.com

August 11-20 to Guatemala, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact Kalyn Gregory, kalyn.gregory@pacificu.edu

August 19-27 to Belize, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact Kalyn Gregory, kalyn.gregory@pacificu.edu

August 26-27 to Washington D.C., VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org. Optometry students welcome. More information available at ramusa.org/Virginia. Please register at volunteer.ramusa.org and contact Victoria Molnar) POSTPONED.

September 22-October 7, to Embu and Kisumu, Kenya, VOSH-IA and IDEA Ministries, Contact Ralph De Haan, OD ralu@iowatelecom.net

September 22- 24, to Sacramento Clinic, CA, VOSH-CA, Contact Tom Burley, tom@californiacareforce.org

September 23- 24, to Lee County, VA VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org (Complimentary housing available if needed) OPTOMETRISTS NEEDED!

September 26- September 30, to Guerrero Clinic, Chihuahua, Mexico, VOSH-TX, Contact Tom Pruitt, OD, twpruett@comcast.net

October, to Marangu, Tanzania, VOSH-MN, Contact Jim Hess, OD, imnod@hotmail.com

October 7-8, to Grundy, VA, VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org 

October 27-November 9, to Kenya, VOSH-MI, Contact Nelson Edwards, OD, 517-518-4505 or email at ngedwards.o.d@gmail.com (Looking for 2 ODs and lay volunteers)

October 28 – Nov 4, to El Salvador (San Jose Villanueva), VOSH-ONE/Epilogos/Rotary Multidisciplinary Clinic, contact Jenifer Ambler amblerj@sover.net

November 4-5, to Warsaw, VA VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org 

November 4-12, to Mexico, VOSH-IL, Contact Tracy Matchinski, OD, tmatchinski@aol.com (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

November 18-26, to Casimero Castillo, Mexico, VOSH-Santa Cruz (Montreal, Quebec), Contact Pierre Labine, pierrelabine@sympatico.ca

November 19-26 to El Salvador, at the FUDEM Clinic, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com (All Students Welcome.)

November to local outreach clinic in Ghana, VOSH-Ghana with the Rotary Club of Tema, Contact Dr. Abena Ntim, mailto:tesluvin@gmail.com

December 21-January 1 to Tanzania, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact puco@svoshinternational.com 

December 21-January 1 to Cambodia, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact puco@svoshinternational.com  (ODs Needed)

Past Clinics: 2016
January 9-16, Haiti (PA) Diane Wilson, OD dianewilson1661@gmail.com
January 9-16, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (CT) Audrey and Matt Blondin, OD AudBl@aol.com
January 19-27, Nicaragua with VOSH-WI. Contact Richard L Foss, OD at richardlfoss@yahoo.com. Looking for another OD.
January 24-30, El Salvador, working with FUDEM (OH) Christina Fox, OD dreye@hotmail.com
January 29 – Feb 7, Chinandega, Nicaragua. VOSH-SE: Contact Suzy Eberle, basicnicaragua@gmail.com
February 4 – 13, Christian Dominican Medical Mission at Mucha Aqua, Dominican Republic. VOSH-Ohio: Contact Dr. James Patterson at jimaeyecare@zoominternet.net
February 13, Haiti (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
February 17 – 28, Nicaragua with The Ascenta Foundation. Contact Laura McAlear at 604.716.2347
February 21-28, Zihuatanejo, Mexico. VOSH Southeast: Contact John Spencer at john.spencer@allina.com
Early 2016, San Felix, Panama (MN) Jim Hess, OD imnod@hotmail.com
February 26-March 5, Sahuaripa, Sonora, Mexico. VOSH-AZ, Dan Twelker, OD, PhD. dtwelker@eyes.arizona.edu
March 5-6, Buena Vista, VA, USA. Contact Clayton Tover clayton.trover@students.svu.edu or Vicki Weiss vickiweiss@ramusa.org. Register at www.ramusa.org.
March 5-6, Tijuana, Mexico. Contact Greg Pearl drgregpearl@yahoo.com
March 4-12, Nepal (BC/TWEKS) Marina Roma-March, OD twecs@shaw.ca  SEE REPORT
March 12-19, Cap Haitien, Haiti (PA), Mark Rakoczy, OD mrakoczy@embarqmail.com or 814-585-0099
March 20-27, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico (CA) Deborah Wright, Deborah@wrightmedia.com
March 28-April 3, Chihuahua, Mexico (IL and TX), Natalie Venezia, venezia@vosh.org
April 2016, Tsum Valley, Nepal, Rachel Frazin, NP tsumvalleymedicalmission.com rachelfrazin01@gmail.com
April 2 – May 28 (1 week sessions). VOSH – VA & Remote Area Medical to Greece. Contact Oriane Leake: orianeleake@ramusa.org
April 15-24, Honduras. VOSH-MI. Contact Bob Foote, OD bobfooteod@att.net
April 29 – May 1, RAM Clinic in Smyth County, Virginia. Vicki Weiss vickiweiss@ramusa.org
April 30, Romania (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
May 7-12, Managua, Nicaragua (SVOSH-UAB and SVOSH-UNAN) Dr. Marcela Frazier, mailto:mfrazier@uab.edu or Dr. Justin Manning mailto:manning@vosh.org
May 7 – 13, VOSH-Colorado to St. Maarten. Contact coloradovosh@gmail.com
May 15, Ecuador (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
May 2016, VOSH Iowa headed to Kenya for two 3-day clinics. Ralph De Haan, OD ralu@iowatelecom.net
May 22-28, VOSH PA to Pont Sonde, Haiti. Contact trip leader Paul Halpern, OD, at email pauldhalpern@verizon.net. Additional OD’s are needed.
June 15  – 17, VOSH-TX to Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico. Thomas Pruett twpruett@comcast.net
June 20-24, VOSH North Carolina to Grenada Contact Jill Scullion Here.
July 22-24, RAM to Wise, Virginia. Contact Vicki Weiss DVCClear@aol.com or register at  Volunteer.ramusa.org
July 29, Peru (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
July 29 – August 7, to Chinandega, Nicaragua, VOSH-SE, Contact Suzy Eberle, basicnicaragua@gmail.com
August 7 – 13, to Haiti, VOSH-PA, Contact David McPhillips,  Drmcpod@gmail.com
August 7 – 14, to Guatemala, VOSH-IL, Contact Alexandra Troy alexandra.troy.od@gmail.com
September 2016, to Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico, VOSH-TX, Contact Thomas Pruett twpruett@comcast.net
September 10, to Tijuana, Mexico, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com
October 2 – 8, to Frome, Jamaica, SVOSH-IN, Contact Rachel Muessel rmuessell@indiana.edu
October 2-17, to Ancud, Chile, VOSH-KS, Contact Ellis Potter, OD potter@vosh.org
October 7 – 17, Great Shape, Inc. to Negril, Jamaica. Tiffany tiffanygsjamaica@gmail.com
October 14 – 24, Great Shape, Inc. to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Tiffany tiffanygsjamaica@gmail.com
October 15, to Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com
 October 28-November 6, to Tecalitlan, Mexico, VOSH-Santa Cruz, Quebec, Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
October 28 – 30, to Sacramento, California (with the California Care Force), VOSH-CA, Contact Tom Burley, tom@californiacareforce.org
November 1-12, to Mazatlan, Mexico, VOSH-NW, Contact Debbie McDonald, dndmc@comcast.net
November 4-11, to Chihuahua, Mexico, SVOSH-Midwestern, Contact David Stacy, OD, stacy@vosh.org
November 10-17, to Mexico, SVOSH-Santa Cruz, Quebec, Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
November 13 – 19, to Cap Haitien Haiti, VOSH-CA, Contact Diane Wilson, dianewilson1661@gmail.com
November 20-27, to El Salvador, Central America, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com
December, Tanzania, East Africa, SVOSH-PUCO, Contact Ann Edmonds, OD,  annedmonds@comcast.net
December 17, to Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com
Date TBD, Barranquilla Colombia area, seeking a group leader for Vosh mission. We have host and I will assist with recruiting and supplies,. Contact Jimmy Gwillim, VOSH-IL,  jlgwil42@gmail.com or tel. 217 556 2545
Date TBD, Dr. Marina Roma-March is in touch with a Rotary Group which would like a VOSH team to do an eye care project in Jinotega Nicaragua, located 2-2 1/2 hour drive from the Managua airport on a very good highway. Contact Dr. March at twecs@shaw.ca
Past Clinics: 2015
January 8-12, Dominican Republic (NE), ellenweiss@millardfamilyeyecare.com
January 10-17, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (CT) audbl@hotmail.com
January 10-17, Cap Haitian/ Milot Haiti (PA) Diane Wilson,OD and Barbara Brown, OD dianewilson1661@gmail.combarbwbrown@sbcglobal.net
January 10-17, SOLT mission compound, Hinche, Haiti and Grace Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (OH) arliss@wcoil.com
January 16-26, Dominica, Lesser Antilles (21st Annual Mission) (MI) DanielWrubel@ferris.edu
January 17-25, Penonome, Panama (NE), Carl Sakovits  islanddoc5@aol.com
January 22-February 1, Pasaco Guatemala (ON)  Pete Huitema petehuitema@quadro.net
January 30-February 8, Santa Ana and San Miguel, El Salvador (ONE/ASAPROSAR), harryizeltzer@comcast.net
January 31-Feb 8, Lake Atitlan/Solola, Guatemala (IL) Natalie Venezia, venezia@vosh.org
January 31-Feb 8, Torreon, Mexico (SD), Dr. Nathan Wiederholt wiederholtn@hotmail.com  
February, Port Antonio, Jamaica (VOSH SD & VOSH MN), Larry Morrison, OD drlarry@morrisoneyecare.com
February 6-15, Chinandega (SE) Suzy Eberle basicnicaragua@gmail.com
February 7-14, Panama (WI) Richard Foss richardlfoss@yahoo.com
February 16-26 or February 15-March 2, Guayaquil and Cuenca, Ecuador (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca  Video of Clinic
February 22-March 1, Jamaica (SD) Joleen Meier (Brad) jomeier55@gmail.com, 605 880-8450
February 25 -March 4, San Pedro Sula, Honduras (IN) Jeffrey C Marshall, OD drjcm@att.net or 317-987-4764
February, 2015, Guatemala (KY) Greg Hagedom idox06@gmail.com Clinic Report
March 2-5, Miguel Aleman, Sonora, Mexico (AZ) J. Daniel Twelker, OD, PhD, dtwelker@eyes.arizona.edu
March 7-14, Cap Haitian, Haiti (PA) Mark Rakoczy, OD, mrakoczy@embarqmail.com
March 11-15, Nicaragua (SVOSH UAB), Marcela Frazier, OD mfrazier@uab.edu
April 12, Malingua Pamba, Ecuador (CO) Full.  Kara Fedders, OD  coloradovosh@gmail.com
April 29-May 8, Portoviejo, Ecuador (MN), Bob Boeding, OD rboeding@q.com h)763-784-0482 c) 612-296-3137
April 30-May 2, West Virginia, (TX) Javier Morales, OD c4vette@hotmail.com
May 2-15 or 23, Romania (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
May 16-23, Pont Sonde, Haiti (PA) Paul Halpern, OD pauldhalpern@verizon.net
July 17-19, Wise, VA (VA) Vicki Weiss, OD  dvcclear@aol.com
July 29- Aug 7 or 13, Peru (includes Machu Pichu) (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
August 7-16, Villa Nueva, Nicaragua (VOSH Southeast) Suzy Eberle basicnicaragua@gmail.com
August 29 to September 4, Suceava, Romania & surrounding villages (OH) arliss@wcoil.com
September 12 & 13, Lee County, VA (VA)  Vicki Weiss, OD  vickiweiss@ramusa.org September 7-10, Papua New Guinea (Minnesota) Julie Walsh, OD, PhD jlwalsh@midco.net
October 3 & 4, Grundy, VA (VA) Vicki Weiss, OD  dvcclear@aol.com
November 7-14, Haiti (PA) Diane Wilson, OD dianewilson1661@gmail.com
November 7-15, Quito, Ecuador (IL) Tracy Matchinski, OD TMatchinski@aol.com
November 14 & 15, Warsaw, VA (VA) Vicki Weiss, OD  vickiweiss@ramusa.org
November 19-November 1 or November 15-December 1, Mexico (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
November 18-Dec 2, Kenya, includes Amboseli Extension (IN) Jeffrey C Marshall, OD  drjcm@att.net or 317-987-4764. Work in Nairobi at Harambee, Safari in Tanzania.
December 12-22, Tanzania. Pacific University College of Optometry SVOSH (AMIGOS) looking for 1-2 doctors. Work in cities of Monduli and Karatu. Contact Andy Mackner at mack9321@pacificu.edu or call at 701-388-6228.