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A Message to all VOSH and SVOSH Chapters

As 2018 begins, we would like to let you know what VOSH/International® (V/I) is doing for you and your VOSH chapter. Did you know there are now 81 VOSH Chapters ​including ​35 State​, Regional ​or Global ​Chapters and 46 Student-VOSH Chapters? Truly, ​VOSH Chapters are the essence of the VOSH family. In the past few years, under the presidency of Ellen Weiss, OD, FVI, and V/I Board member Michael Ciszek, OD, Chair of the V/I Student VOSH Committee, V/I focused on improving communications and relationships with all 46 Student VOSH chapters. That included a new network of communication which easily links all SVOSH chapters, 2 SVOSH Presidents symposiums, sponsored by National Vision, Inc, increased participation of SVOSH interns, the development of a highly anticipated Student VOSH Fellowship Program, an SVOSH Members only page on the VOSH website, and more. Did you know that the students want to go on your trips? It is amazing what can be accomplished by passionate volunteers. But then again, that is the beauty of VOSH, isn’t it?This year, I have made VOSH chapter services and domestic, local VOSH efforts priorities of my term as V/I President. This means that 2018 will be a year in which you will see a lot of benefits and changes to help your chapter communicate and operate even better. VOSH is here to help you! Here are a few highlights of what is newly available to your chapters, as well as what will be developed as the year unfolds​:​ ​New Clinic Form Streamlines Missions/Clinics and Eases Essential Data Collection. ​ The most exciting new development is that V/I has developed a universal form to be used by all chapters during their... read more

Join VOSH-SD’s 43rd mission to Gomez Palacio, MX- Only airfare required

February 3-11, 2018 to Gomez Palacio, Mexico, VOSH-SD, Contact Jennifer Ness, moore300zx@yahoo.com, or sdvosh@gmail.com 605-210-3141   The Gomez Palacio Lions Club covers all of our transportation, food and lodging for the week. Doctors are only responsible for their airfare.   This is the 43rd mission to Gomez Palacio MX. We team up with the local Lions Club to serve the patients. Doctors need to bring basic equipment such as BIO, retniscope, trial lens kit. There is a slit lamp and auto-refractor at the Lions Club. Patient load is based on how many doctors we have.    Here’s a brief breakdown of the week: Saturday- arrival day- we will land in Torreon fairly late but the Lions Club will feed us and check us in to the hotel. Sunday- Mass at nearby church, lunch and set up the clinic then some sort of outing or watch the Super Bowl Monday & Tuesday- clinic 9am to around 6pm with an hour or so break for lunch Wednesday- clinic 9am to around 6pm with lunch, then a big party that night (wear dancing shoes) Thursday- clinic 9am to around 6pm with lunch Friday- clinic 9am to around 1pm, after lunch tear down clinic, rest on the afternoon is free until banquet (semi formal) Saturday- shopping, sight seeing, bbq, relax Sunday- fly... read more

ODs Needed for Mission to Nigeria

The African Primary Healthcare Foundation has an Eye Care Medical Mission to Nigeria on January 5 – January 12, 2018 and is looking for VOSH ODs to join them. Please contact Magdalen U. Emeruwa, M.Sc., Secretary, Tel: (951) 533-6633, contact@aph-foundation.org.... read more

Recap of the VOSH 25th Annual Meeting

VOSH/International hosted its 25th annual meeting on October 14, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.  Ninety- two people attended a full day of speakers, breakout sessions, exhibitors and networking. There were speakers from around the world including the USA, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, El Salvador and Nicaragua. These speakers highlighted how VOSH/International and VOSH chapters have truly become an international force for optometry by providing care with local optometry and helping to educate optometry students in new optometry schools.  As VOSH moves to collaborates with local optometry and health care, our impact has become greater. Also at the Annual Meeting, there were two awards given for exemplary service.  The Humanitarian of the Year Award was presented to Dr. Sandra Bury of Oak Lawn, Illinois.  Dr. Bury has been active in VOSH-Illinois since 1995.  She participates in both local and international clinic trips and, in addition, Dr. Bury is the mayor of her town. The Harry I. Zeltzer Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Ellis Potter. Dr. Potter has had a lifetime of service as a Boy Scout, Rotarian and Optometrist.  Notably, Dr. Potter also became the first ever recipient of the American Academy of Optometry’s Brien Holden Humanitarian Award.  He received this award at the 2017 AAO meeting immediately preceding the VOSH/International meeting. To read Dr. Potter’s powerful remarks when accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award, please click here. Both Drs. Bury and Potter are classic examples of the people involved in VOSH.  People with big hearts that have volunteerism as an essential part of who they are.  These two and the other nominees for the Lifetime Achievement and Humanitarian of the... read more

Looking for a team in Papua New Guinea

Hello from Susan Caddell, I work with medical recruitment for YWAM Ships. We do medical missions to remote locations where no hospitals exists. I am asking if we may partner with a VOSH chapter, specifically, to help us get referrals for optometrists and ophthalmologists to serve on the m/v Pacific Link in Papua New Guinea. Last year we did 9,255 optometric consultations, including 181 cataract surgeries. Obviously, our need is great! This link gives more information: https://ywamships.net/medical/  Sincerely,  Susan Caddell medicalvolunteers@ywamships.net... read more

International Eye Care Team Looking for Volunteers

VOSH Santa Cruz is going to  Guatemala  February 14th till February  24th  in collaboration with HELPS. We will be doing standard clinic with eye exams  however we will  passing on the referals to Dr Morton who will be going down 2 months later to do surgeries. We are looking for more ODs for the mission. Please contact Pierre Labine at... read more

Dr. Ellis Potter’s Accepts Prestigious VOSH/International Dr. Harry I. Zeltzer Lifetime Achievement Award

VOSH/International presents the prestigious VOSH/INTERNATIONAL DR. HARRY I. ZELTZER LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to a person who has been recognized during a lifetime of service to humanity for improving visual welfare through leadership, invention, public health, developing sustainable eye care and furthering the understanding and correction of refractive error. It is not an annual award and meets the highest criteria that exemplifies the spirit of VOSH/International. The Dr. Harry I. Zeltzer Lifetime Achievement Award was presented this year at the 25th VOSH Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois on October 14, 2017 to C. Ellis Potter, OD, FAAO, FVI. These are the remarks he made when accepting this prestigious award:             This is a huge honor to be not only associated with, but named as a recipient for the Harry Zeltzer Lifetime Achievement Award named after my friend and colleague, Dr. Harry Zeltzer.  Harry is one of the greats, a hall of famer for VOSH/International.  When I was President, he served not only as VOSH executive director but as a personal mentor and advisor.  We had many conversations. I can’t say enough about him as a friend and colleague.  I was truly blessed to have his aid and blessed for you to consider me in the same league with him.                           VOSH/International has come a long way in the last 10-15 years.  We have evolved.  We have used our International contacts to serve hundreds of thousands of patients in thousands of clinics with thousands of volunteers.  We have helped build and support the development of sustainable eye care systems in developing countries.  We have improved our administration with an informative web site, using conference... read more

Vision Health International looking for Optometrist to join mission

Vision Health International is reaching out regarding an upcoming Mission Trip to La Entrada, Honduras on December 2-10, 2017. VHI is still in need to an optometrist for this trip. Vision Health International is thrilled to continue a great partnership with our host agency, Manos Amigas, an organization providing general health care to the people of La Enrada. This clinic is a busy place, rapidly approaching its 100,000 patient visits. Manos Amigas has asked VHI to help provide eye care to this highly under served population. VHI will have both a surgical and an eyeglass team. The surgical team will perform cataract and oculoplastic surgery while the second group will conduct an outreach eyeglass and vision screening program. We are currently recruiting for: 1 surgical technician, 2 OR nurse circulators, 2 PACU nurses, up to 4 translators, optician, optometrist and field screening personnel. To apply, please fill out the Volunteer Application Form at visionhealth.org Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Dr. Randy Rottman’s email is randyjk4jm@yahoo.com and our phone number at the office is 970-242-3323.... read more