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Offer to host a VOSH trip in Guadalajara, Mexico

From LUCAS HANEY, OD LUKEHANEY@HOTMAIL.COM I’m not sure if it’s of value to you guys or not, but I am an O.D. living as a missionary with Y.W.A.M. here in a city south of Guadalajara, Mexico. I’m on a beautiful 3 acre campus with plenty of room to host a team. I don’t know how to lead or organize a team, but I have been involved in an Optometry mission trip before. I’m here and happy to help…for what it’s worth! God Bless, -Dr.... read more

We are looking for a VOSH team to come to our area in Uganda

Date: 28 November 2016 Name: John Avudria Email: javudria@gmail.com Please tell us in which category to post your message: We are looking for a VOSH team to come to our area What would you like your message to say?: We cannot be thankful enough for VOSH team that visited two Hospitals in West Nile Region in Northern Uganda a few years ago. The Mission was so successful and the demand for eye care services exceeded the resources. Recently, there has been influx of refugees from South Sudan & DR Congo that has overwhelmed resources in the West Nile region. South Sudan is a region infested with Black Flies that cause River Blindness.   Healthcare facilities in the West Nile districts cannot cope with demand for health services. We are are a small charitable organization known as Nile Care Inc (www.Nilecareinc.org). We are looking for a VOSH chapter that is willing to team with us to Visit Arua & Maracha Hospitals one more time. We members of Nile Care will coordinate all logistics, Immigration paper work, Accomodation, Feeding and Local transportation from Entebbe Airport to Arua and back. If you chapter is willing to help, Please contact: John Jackson Avudria Mobile: 262-220-0292 Email:... read more

VOSH-Santa Cruz , Montreal (Quebec) is looking for more ODs for 2 upcoming missions

VOSH-Santa Cruz , Montreal (Quebec) is looking for more ODs for 2 upcoming missions: Casimero Castillo, Mexico – departure November 18, 2017 with some time off after in Puerto Vallarta El Estor, Guatemala – departure February 17, 2018. This mission is a regular eye mission however there will be a follow up 2 months later when a group of ophthalmologists from Helps International, which will go down to do cataract surgeries   For questions, contact... read more

VOSH-Texas: Chapter of the Month-May 2017

VOSH-Texas has been selected as the VOSH May Chapter of the Month! For it’s extraordinary work at the Guerrero Clinic in Chihuahua, Mexico. Read on and check out the video which includes much about VOSH itself and its contributions at http://texasvosh.org/clinicvideo.html From VOSH-Texas: Vosh Texas for its commitment to the Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico clinic. This clinic was established in 1989, built out its own permanent facility and brings many disciplines to care for a very unserved population. Volunteers come to 3 or 4 VOSH sponsored clinics each year where they provide over half the indigent care in the State of Chihuahua. Our just completed March clinic saw volunteers from Mass., New Mexico, West Virginia, Alabama, Texas, the Dominican Republic and Mexico work beautifully together. At any given clinic, we may provide Plastic Surgery, OBGYN, General Medicine, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Fabricating and dispensing Opticians as well as Optometry. We have equipped 9 exam rooms, three dental suites, and a surgery that can accommodate 5 eye surgeons simultaneously. We encourage SVOSH participation and have had optometry students from 5 different optometry colleges attend where they get invaluable first hand experiences.  Volunteer, Guerrero Clinic Clinic Video The Guerrero clinic provides eye and dental care to the indigent population of the State Of Chihuahua and Mexico.... read more