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26th VOSH Annual Meeting 2018

October 12 – 14, 2018, Montreal, Canada

Theme: “United VOSH” 

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The VOSH Fellowship fosters the development of humanitarian leaders to meet the challenge of VISION 2020 and to prepares individuals who may be asked to consult with governmental agencies, educational, private, or public institutions, and the media on issues related to the mission and vision of VOSH/International.

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Years in the planning with VOSH/International as a major collaborating partner, 19 Optometry students begin the long sought journey to build critically needed eye care capacity in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Read this exciting news in the Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI OGS) release below. Past V/I President Dr. Dave McPhillips and Dr. Halpren are there representing VOSH/International.

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We need more ODs to help us in conducting an eye camp in October in the Tibeto-Burmese indigenous people residing in the hilly regions of Nepal

Hello all, We need more ODs to help us in conducting an eye camp in October in the Tibeto-Burmese indigenous people residing in the hilly regions of Nepal. Detailed Itinerary: Time: Currently, our plan is to do this trip on the 3rd week of September, 20th to be exact. This will be the best time based on the weather conditions and thus the road travel. However, if the availability VOSH members travelling feel more comfortable at any other time, we can definitely look/discuss on that as well. In addition, if any of the VOSH team members feel like staying for a couple of more days, you will be more than welcome to go for trekking or hiking in the Himalayas. We have a travel agent booked for the whole trip and they can provide you with an affordable rate for hiking and trekking expeditions. Plans: Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu. At Kathmandu International Airport, you will be met and welcomed by BVFN team. The travel agency will arrange the transportation to your hotel. There will be a full tour and program briefing in the evening while enjoying a traditional Newari dinner. Day 2: Kathmandu Valley Tour The travel agent has arranged a full day Kathmandu valley tour. • Drive to Bouddhanath Stupa  and sightseeing for about 45 minutes in Bouddhanath • Drive to Pashupatinath temple and sightseeing for about 45 minutes • Drive to Patan Durbar Square, visit the old royal palace, golden temple, and Mahabouddha temple and sightseeing in Durbar Square area for about 45 minutes • At 6:30 in the evening Nepali Traditional dinner with Cultural Program... read more

Optometrists needed for trip to the Guerrero Clinic in Chihuahua, Mexico

Optometrists needed for a trip to the Guerrero Clinic in Chihuahua, Mexico from June 6th-9th. Optometry students from SUNY want to come, but they need mentors. Please read the message from Dr. Tom Pruett below: “I hope you have received my many requests to come to Mexico to help with our VOSH clinics, but this time we have a special need! There are a group of optometry students who want to come from SUNY college of optometry, but we do not have mentors for them! This is such a great opportunity for students to learn and see so many things they would not ordinarily get to see. Please consider coming! This clinic was designed for families and many of us have taken our extended families in years past. It is also an opportunity to visit Copper Canyon, one of nature’s most awesome sights. We have been conducting clinics in this little farming community since 1989 and have never seen any violence or felt unsafe at any time. It is located in the “Valley of the Apples”, 100 miles west of Chihuahua. The food is outstanding, the accommodations good and the experience unbelievable! Please mention it to friends and visit: www.guerreroclinic.org for travel info. The clinic will start on June 6th and end on June 9th with only post-ops on the last day. We will have 3 ophthalmologists eagerly awaiting your cataract patients and you might even be able to twist their arms to do an occasional ptergium. You can even do your own YAGS if you wish! Please come!” Contact Tom Pruett, OD twpruett@comcast.net ... read more


It did not take long for things to move into high gear for the 19 pioneering students in the new Optometry Program and clinic that opened last weekend in Haiti. Once qualified, these first generation optometrists will use their skills to address the unmet eye care need across the nation. There are currently only three optometrists and 56 ophthalmologists to serve Haiti’s population of 10 million people. Haiti has the highest levels of blindness and moderate or severe vision impairment among people aged 50 and over, in the entire Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, with the age-standardised prevalence estimated at 4.8% and 21.9% respectively. This is three times greater than some other countries in the region. VOSH/International is a major collaborating partner in the Haiti Optometry Program along with with I’Université d’État d’Haïti, Brien Holden Vision Institute, Optometry Giving Sight, Charity Vision, and l’Université de Montréal. Drs. Paul Halpern, Dave McPhillips, both VOSH-PA represented VOSH. Two small VOSH led outreach trips involving the new students were done the day before and after the school opening ceremony and launch event organized by Dr. David McPhillips, VOSH-PA and past VOSH/International President, on request from Brien Holden Vision Institute, a key collaborating partner. The VOSH team included winners of a Vision Source contest including doctors Thomas and Susan Quinn and Shane Foster from Ohio and Dr. Christine Bowman. Vision Source is a large organization of private practice optometrists nationwide that has contributed significant funds to the new... read more