VOSH/International Leadership



The Board of Directors is a volunteer position, serving 3 year terms as Directors. The President, Vice President and Immediate Past President serve 2 year terms. If you would like to nominate someone for a board or committee position (self nomination is welcomed), please click here

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Tracy L. Matchinski, OD, FAAO, FVI

President (2017-2019)


J. Dan Twelker, OD, PhD

Vice President (2017-2019)

Jenifer Ambler, OD

Director (2017-2020)

Craig Bowen, OD

Director (2018-2021)

branson photo

Walter Branson, FVI

Director (2015-2018)

Michael Ciszek, OD

Director (2016-2019)

John Larcabal, OD

Director (2017-2020)

W. Howard McAlister, O.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.O.

Director (2017-2020)

Robert E. Molter, Jr., O.D., F.A.A.O.

Director (2018-2021)

Mel Muchnik

 Mel Muchnik, PhD, FVI

Director (2016-2019)


Emilee Nehring, OD

Director (2018-2021)


Tracey Peterson

Director (2018-2021)


Marina Roma-March, OD, FVI

Director (2015-2018)

Mark Rakoczy, OD

Director (2018-2021)


Robert Stein

Director (2015-2021)


Ellen L. Weiss, OD, FVI

Immediate Past President (2017-2019)

Kyle Wilson, OD

Treasurer (2016 to present)


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Venezia, Natalie

Natalie C. Venezia, Esq., FVI

Executive Director

Harry Zeltzer

Harry I. Zeltzer, OD, DOS, FVI, FAAO

Director Emeritus, Past President

Umair Khan, OD

Board Secretary

johnGehrig-150x150 (1)

John A. Gehrig, Esq., FVI

Legal Counsel

Michel Listenberger

Michel Listenberger, OD, FVI

Historian, Past President

Ruth McAndrews

Ruth S. McAndrews, OD, FVI

Chair, Newsletter Committee, Past President

Greg Pearl

Greg Pearl, OD, FVI

Co-Chair, VOSH Corps Committee, Past President


C. Ellis Potter, OD, FAAO, FVI

Co-Chair, VOSH Corps Committee, Past President

Ann Slocum-Edwards, OD, FVI

Chair,  VOSH Fellowship (FVI) Committee

David Stacy

David Stacy, OD

Chair, Technology Transfer Program

Uduak Udom

Uduak Udom, OD, FNCO, FAAO

Liaison, African Affairs, Immediate Past President, World Council of Optometry