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John A. Gehrig, Esq., FVI, Legal Counsel

Mr. Gehrig graduated from Harvard University in 1958 and the University of Michigan Law School in 1963, and then practiced law in Cincinnati for 19 years before moving to Florida. Arriving in Florida, he took a Masters in International Law at the University of Miami and then went to work for Orange County, Florida, where he became County Attorney. Mr. Gehrig’s first VOSH trip was with VOSH Ohio in 1995. Upon his return, he and fellow Floridian, Charlie Covington, started VOSH/Florida. Mr. Gehrig served as President of VOSH/Florida for nine years and is still a very active member. Over the last 14 years, Mr. Gehrig has participated in about twenty-five VOSH missions, John served the VOSH International Board as a Vice-President and since 2004, he has assumed the duties of General Counsel to the Board of VOSH International. Mr. Gehrig is also a VOSH Fellow. He is an active Rotarian and an Elder in his family (Presbyterian) church. Mr. Gehrig can be contacted at