Requirements to become a


“Provisional” and “Fully Accredited” Chapter

The following are the requirements to form a new State or Regional Chapter.

Upon application the chapter will be accorded “Provisional” status until all the requirements are fulfilled within the following year. Thereafter, at the next VOSH/International Annual Meeting, the chapter will be ratified and recognized as a “Fully Accredited” VOSH Chapter.  APPLICATION

Award of Provisional Status


  1. Incorporation of the new provisional chapter under the name: “VOSH- name of the Chapter (e.g. a state or a region based on the location of where the chapter incorporated not based on the location of the people to be served)-Provisional Chapter” The name can be changed by amendment with the Secretary of State after the Chapter is granted Permanent of Fully Accredited Status.  Corporate name change can usually be accomplished by a short filing with the Secretary of State and costs about $25 – $50 – The inclusion of the term “Provisional” eliminates any possibility of a Provisional Chapter being mistaken or presenting itself as a fully accredited Chapter
  2. A minimum of five initial members, one of whom must be a licensed optometrist
  3. A set of fully developed by-laws, in addition to the Articles of Incorporation
  4. Proof of an I.R.S. Taxpayer Identification Number issued to the organization.
  5. Presentment to VI of a slate of serving Board of Directors (at lest three) and Officers (Pres, Vice Pres, Sec, Treasurer)
  6. A written statement of anticipated activities (general) and a fully developed statement of one anticipated mission or particular project – this mission or project may be conducted by the provisional chapter, with advisory presence from another existing fully accredited chapter or in cooperation with another fully accredited chapter)
  7. Presentment to VI of evidence of a functioning bank account for the organization (amount of balance not important)
  8. Payment to VI of the Chapter’s annual dues as specified in the VOSH International bylaws.

Award of Full Accredited Status

  1. Passage of one year’s time from award of Provisional Status
  2. Submission of evidence that the corporation is still legally active.  This can be accomplished by submission of a Certificate of Continued Existence or similarly named document from the Secretary of State, obtained for a very nominal fee or print out from a web check of state corporate records on the Secretary of State’s website.
  3. Written statement showing present serving officers, directors and members (including at least one licensed optometrist) and copy of current bank statement.
  4. Report from an existing VOSH chapter concerning the execution and success of the first year’s mission based on personal observations from members of that Chapter who participated in or observed or personally verified the mission or project.

Processing Responsibility

The decision as to granting of provisional and fully accredited status to be made by the V/I Executive Board, all original paper work for Provisional Status and Full Accredited Status to be submitted to and vetted by the Admission Administrator.