The following protocols are to be regarded as a “best practice” for the fiscal

and archival administration of State and Regional Chapters (referred to

jointly as “Regional” Chapters) and recommended by the V/I Board of Dorectors:


A. A Regional Chapter, which follows the requirements above, shall be

considered a Regional Chapter in good standing with VOSH/International as

of January 1st of the fiscal year for which dues payments and filings are

timely made. Regional Chapters not in compliance with said requirements

shall come into good standing with VOSH/International and the members of

such Regional Chapters shall become members of VOSH/International,

when such Regional Chapter achieves compliance said requirements.

Each Regional Chapter shall pay that Chapter’s VOSH/International

Membership Dues no earlier than October 1st and no later than December

31st. Payment should be made to the VOSH/International

Treasurer. Payment must be made in timely fashion in order for that

Regional Chapter to be considered as an Active Regional Chapter affiliated

with VOSH/International for the following year.

B. Every Regional Chapter shall file a Status Report with

VOSH/International’s Secretary at the end of VOSH/International’s Fiscal

Year, or on or before December 31. Said Annual Report shall contain the

following information:

1. A current roster of all officers of said Regional Chapter, with contact

information, including email addresses.

2. A current roster of membership of said Regional Chapter. All members

reported on that roster should be considered members of

VOSH/International for the following year. A Regional Chapter may file a

supplementary membership list with the VOSH/International Secretary

during the months of May and June of each year. Such supplementary list

may report members of Regional Chapters who have joined the Regional

Chapter since that Regional Chapter filed its preceding Roster. Regional

Chapter members listed on such supplementary Roster shall be considered as

members of VOSH/International for the balance of the current fiscal year.

3. A listing of all VOSH clinics and mission trips scheduled for the

upcoming year, including the trip leader and his or her email address. This

listing shall be supplemented, as necessary, during the year or upon request

of the VOSH/International Board.

C. Each Regional Chapter is encouraged to make a per capita donation to

VOSH/International on behalf of each Regional Chapter member. Payment

of such donations should be made at the time of submitting an Annual or

Supplementary Chapter Membership Roster. The amount of such optional

per capita donation shall be announced from time to time by the Executive


D. VOSH/International provides the following services and assistance to its

Regional Chapters, although said services and assistance may change from

time to time, as determined by the VOSH/International Board of Directors:

· Honor vision 2020

· Form and unify chapters

· Recruit members

· Have presence in exhibit halls

· Source of funding

· Promote student activity

· Maintain partnerships

· Conduct the annual meeting

· Document missions

· Conduct surveys

· Manage newsletter

· Manage website

· Manage electronic letter

· Message board for chapter assistance

· Develop sustainable eye clinics

· Collect equipment for international schools/clinics