VOSH/International provides a forum, a source of expertise and an infrastructure for humanitarian networking.  Here are some of the services VOSH/International provides its chapters:

  • Our website is here to serve the chapters — it unifies regional, state and school chapters by providing past and future clinic listings and dates, photos, listings of chapters and leaders, Annual Meeting information, resources, advice, news, programs, TTP and VOSH Corps information, Mission Guidelines, links and grant Information, a message board and much more.
  • The website helps to increase chapter membership by matching inquiries with local chapters without charging the applicant.
  • V/I has developed and continues to support sustainable clinics on foreign optometry campuses in Peru, Nicaragua and Mexico where students can provide affordable care to local patients while improving their optometric skills. Chapters are encouraged to take advantage of these clinic sites to promote sustainibility.
  • We have developed and maintained the successful Technology Transfer Program (TTP), which recycles and distributes optometric equipment to clinics and optometry schools in developing countries. If a chapter would like to partner with or help a clinic or school, simply inquire  of us and we will work with you.
  • We recognize the accomplishments of VOSH chapter members through the Franklin Harmes Society which recognizes VOSH members who have completed more than 10 missions.
  • We invite all chapter members to become a VOSH Fellow, through the prestigious VOSH Fellowship Program (FVI), designed to encourage the acquisition of knowledge, skills and experience necessary to meet the global challenge of eliminating preventable blindness, and to foster the development of future leaders prepared to carry on the mission of VOSH/International.
  • We coordinate and assess applicants for the new VOSH CORPS program, which will provide US-trained optometry professors in VOSH sustainable clinics and new optometry schools.
  • We provide a link to Student-VOSH Chapters, oordinate SVOSH with VOSH chapters and provide a link to AOSA.
  • We obtain booth space at industry meetings in order to represent VOSH and its chapters. We encourage all chapters to host a booth at any vision expo and are happy to provide the chapters with booth displays and banners and other materials to assist you in representing your VOSH chapter and/or V/I at industry meetings.
  • We provide a dedicated and knowledgeable volunteer Board of Directors and support staff.
  • We provide each chapter a custom logo.
  • We serve as a chapter liaison with the AOA, Optometry Giving Sight, WCO, IPAB, VISION 2020, IMEC, LIONS, ROTARY, SEE, HKW, RAM, UNESCO.
  • We pay membership dues providing access in World Council of Optometry and the International Agency for the Prevention For Blindness
  • We inform and educate VOSH members through the Annual Meeting, monthly chapter phone conferences, the annual report, clinic data, the website, email. We are open and respond quickly to most questions and inquiries.
  • VOSH chapters can exchange ideas and seek help through an active message board and blog.
  • We recruit and refer members, chapters and clinics.
  • We publicize and promote VOSH chapters through newsletters, websites, trade show exhibit assistance, media assistance, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.