Clinic Reports by VOSH-NE

From: “‘Carl Sakovits’ via NEVOSH” <>
Subject: Our Most Recent Panama Mission
Date: February 2, 2018 at 2:39:53 PM EST
Reply-To: Carl Sakovits

Hello Everyone,

For our members that could not be with us in Panama last month here is a brief summary of the wonderful week we had.  

Our host was the Dorado Rotary Club of Panama once more with Jose leading the mission logistics.  We returned to work in Lidice for a second year, an ideal physical setting and needy population.  We had one of our largest mission groups to date with seventy volunteers and roughly twenty first time members.  As in the past, we provided eye, dental, audiology, and medical care all free of charge.  In spite of the size the group, we united and worked beautifully together.    It was Magical!

Our Rotary hosts wowed us once more with their ability to anticipate the needs of the mission and tireless preparation.   For the first time ever, the Rotary assumed total operation of the admission, registration, and patient flow within the clinic allowing the VOSH leadership to focus  more on patient care.  The talent and dedication of the Dorado Rotarians has brought our missions to a higher level.   By weeks end we had seen over three thousand patients and with exhaustion we headed to The Sheraton Beach Resort at Playa Blanca.  

Panama has proven to be an exciting and rewarding place to do missionary work.   Cooperation from the government and the exceptional support from the Dorado Rotary Club has us committed to returning next year to a new location within countryside.   Our emphasis continues to be to serve as many of the neediest Panamanians as we can.  Although the mission is over, we continue to work to provide additional care for those we could not treat with conditions such as advanced cataracts.

After almost three decades, this VOSH Chapter is thriving.  We are fortunate that we attract more talent then we can accommodate.  Although we do one large international mission a year some of our members continue to do shorter domestic missions others times of the year.  We continue to have great success with our spring and fall fundraisers and the Summer Meeting is always well attended.  

I would like to thank our student sponsors who’s generosity made it possible for us to assist eight optometry students, four dental students, and our first audiology student on this years mission.   Our board members who worked year round to ensure a successful mission: it is their intelligence, dedication, and tireless efforts that make us all look good.

Finally, it is the concerned and dedicated members of NEVOSH  who quietly trade their vacation time and hard earned money for the opportunity to help improve the lives of others.

It is a privilege and honor to be a part of this group.