VOSH Clinic Opportunities

Every clinic is organized and run by individual trip leaders and hosts. Therefore, the arrangements, costs, and trip details vary. If you’re interested in volunteering or finding out more, please contact the person listed with each mission.

If you would like your upcoming trip listed, please send information to Natalie Venezia at venezia@vosh.org

Upcoming Clinics 2019

January 4-11 to Cap Haitien, Haiti (VOSH-PA) Contact Diane Wilson, OD dianewilson1661@gmail.com

January 7-11, to Santiago, Dominican Republic (VOSH-NE, VOSH Iowa and SVOSH-UMSL) Contact Ellen Weiss, OD weiss@vosh.org (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

January 11-25 to Kenya (VOSH-MI) Contact Nelson Edwards, OD ngedwards.o.d@gmail.com, 517-518-4505. Looking for 2 more ODs! THIS TRIP IS FULL. 

February 2-10, to Gomez Palacio, Mexico (VOSH-MN) Contact Jennifer Ness, moore300zx@yahoo.com, 605-210-3141  

February 15-23 to Guatemala (VOSH-Santa Cruz, Montreal), working with HELPS Cataract Surgeons, Contact Pierre LaBine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca

February 20-27 to San Pedro Sula, Honduras (VOSH-IN) Contact David Weigel, OD voshin22916@gmail.com

Feb 23-March 3 to Xela Guatemala (VOSH-KS) Contact Jenee Barth, OD  jeneebarth@cox.net  785-342-0430

February 24-March 3 to Port Antonio, Jamaica (VOSH-MN) Contact Larry Morrison, OD  drlarry@morrisoneyecare.com, 218-396-0309

March 9-16 to Cap Haitien, Haiti (VOSH PA) Contact Mark Rakoczy, OD , mrakoczy831@gmail.com

March 10-16 to El Salvador, hosted by FUDEM (VOSH-MN and SVOSH NECO) Contact Julie Walsh, jlwalsh@midco.net

March 22-31 to La Esperanza, Honduras (VOSH-MI) Contact Bob Foote, OD bobfooteod@hotmail.com or 231-590-0681

May 12-18 to Pont Sonde, Haiti  (VOSH-PA)  Contact Scott Huggler, OD shuggler890@gmail.com

June 20-23 to Emporia, VA through Remote Access Medical/RAMUSA (VOSH-CT) Contact Matthew Blondin, OD or Audrey Blondin audbl@aol.com.

November 3-9 to Cap Hatien, Haiti (VOSH-PA). Contact Diane Wilson, OD dianewilson1661@gmail.com  Optometry students welcome!!

Spring to Chihuahua, Mexico (VOSH-TX) Contact Tom Pruett, OD twpruett@comcast.net or guereroclinic.org SVOSH Welcome! 

Summer to Chihuahua, Mexico (VOSH-TX) Contact Tom Pruett, OD twpruett@comcast.net or guereroclinic.org SVOSH Welcome! 

Fall to Chihuahua, Mexico (VOSH-TX), Contact Tom Pruett, OD twpruett@comcast.net or guereroclinic.org SVOSH Welcome! 

Past Clinics: 2018

January 6-13, to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (VOSH-CT) Contact Matthew Blondin, OD, mblond2@aol.com

January 8-11, to Santiago, Dominican Republic (VOSH-NE) Contact Ellen Weiss, OD weiss@vosh.org (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

January 14-20, to Port-au-Prince Haiti (VOSH-PA) Contact David McPhillips drmcpod@gmail.com

January 25 – February 4, to Mataquescuintla, Guatemala (VOSH-Ontario) Contact Pete Huitema, petehuitema@quadro.net

January 27 to La Grange, IL, CURE Vision Screening (VOSH-IL) Contact Tracy Matchinski, OD, TMatchin@ico.edu

February 2 to Granada, Nicaragua (VOSH-ONE) Contact Joe D’Amico, OD 

February 3-11 to Gomez Palacio, Mexico (VOSH-SD) Contact Jennifer Ness, moore300zx@yahoo.com, 605-210-3141  

February 7-24  to Patzcuaro, Mexico (VOSH-OH) Contact Brenda Kraus bjk885@gmail.com

February 9-18, to Santa Patrica, Nicaragua  (VOSH-Southeast) Contact Suzy Eberle, basicnicaragua@gmail.com

February 3-12, to Colon, Panama (VOSH-Kansas) Contact Bob Arnold, eyedoc1@gmail.com 

February 14-24, to El Estor, Guatemala (VOSH-Santa Cruz -Montreal, Quebec), Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca (There will be follow-up cataract surgeries in April 2018 by ophthalmologists from HELPS International). Looking for ten 3rd or 4th year SVOSH members to join.

February 26-March 3, to Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (VOSH-AZ), Contact Dan Twelker, OD, dtwelker@eyes.arizona.edu

March to local outreach clinic in the Ashanti Region of Ghana (VOSH-Ghana) Contact Dr. Abena Ntim, mailto:tesluvin@gmail.com

March 5 to Chihuahua, Mexico (VOSH-TX) Contact Tom Pruett, OD twpruett@comcast.net or guereroclinic.org SVOSH Welcome! 

March 10-11 to Buena Vista, VA (VOSH-VA/RAM-VA)  SVOSH Welcome! Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD, vickiweiss@ramusa.org

March 10-17 to Cap Haitien, Haiti (VOSH-PA), Contact Mark Rakoczy, OD mrakoczy831@gmail.com

March 11-17, to El Salvador hosted by FUDEM (VOSH-MN) Contact Julie Walsh, OD, PhD, jlwalsh@midco.net. SVOSH students are welcome,

March 17-24, to Puerto Penasco, Mexico (SVOSH-KYCO) Contact Eilene Kinzer, OD, EileneKinzer@UPIKE.edu

March 17-24, to Vallegrande, Bolivia (VOSH-IL) SVOSH WELCOMED, Contact Natalie Venezia, venezia@vosh.org (Trip Full)

March 23-April 1 to Costa Rica (SVOSH-Pacific) Contact puco@svoshinternational.com (Trip Full)

March 23-April 1 to Nicaragua (SVOSH-Pacific) Contact puco@svoshinternational.com (Trip Full)

March 23-April 1 to Senegal (SVOSH-Pacific) Contact puco@svoshinternational.com (Trip Full)

April to Dominican Republic (VOSH-ONE & SVOSH-NECO) Contact dr.donarum@gmail.com or neco@svoshinternational.com

April 30, to Peru (VOSH-Santa Cruz- Montreal, Quebec), Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca

May 4-6 to Smyth County, VA (VOSH-VA/RAM-VA)  SVOSH Welcome! Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD, vickiweiss@ramusa.org

May 7-11 to Merida, Mexico (SVOSH-SCO) Contact SVOSH-SCO President, sco@svoshinternational.org (Trip Full)

May 7-11 to Port-au-Prince, Haiti (SVOSH-SCO) Contact SVOSH-SCO President, sco@svoshinternational.org (Trip Full)

May 7-11 to Belmopan, Belize (SVOSH-SCO) Contact SVOSH-SCO President, sco@svoshinternational.org (Trip Full)

May 7-11 to Nicaragua (SVOSH-SCO partnering with SVOSH UNAN) Contact SVOSH-SCO President, sco@svoshinternational.org (Trip Full)

May 7-11 to Barranquilla, Colombia, (SVOSH-SCO) Contact SVOSH-SCO President, sco@svoshinternational.org (Trip Full)

May 7-11 to Ibarra, Ecuador (SVOSH-SCO) Contact SVOSH-SCO President, sco@svoshinternational.org (Trip Full)

May 13-19 to Pont Sonde, Haiti (VOSH-PA )Contact Mark Shust, mshust@salus.edu

May 13-20 to St. Maarten (VOSH-OH) Contact Barbara Plaugher, RN,  arliss@wcoil.com

June 1 to Moldova (VOSH-Santa Cruz – Montreal, Quebec), Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca 

June 5 to Chihuahua, Mexico (VOSH-TX), Contact Tom Pruett, OD twpruett@comcast.net or guereroclinic.org SVOSH Welcome! 

June 13 to Oswego, Illinois Hesed House Homeless Shelter (VOSH-IL), Contact Ron Weingart, OD, r.weingart@sbcglobal.net

June 17 – 30 to Romania (VOSH-Southeast) Contact Charlie Covington, charlescovington@gmail.com

June 23-24 to Emporia, VA (VOSH-VA/RAM-VA)  SVOSH Welcome! Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD, vickiweiss@ramusa.org

July Grenada (VOSH-NC) Contact Jill Scullion, OD, jillscullion@gmail.com

July 7-14 to Cap Haitian, Haiti (VOSH-PA and SVOSH-Waterloo) Contact team leader Nancy Delucia, nandee8886@gmail.com or Dr. David Mcphillips, drmcpod@gmail.com. ODs Wanted!

July 15 to Ecuador (VOSH-Santa Cruz- Montreal, Quebec), Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca 

July 20-22 to Wise, VA (VOSH-VA/RAM)  SVOSH Welcome! Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD, vickiweiss@ramusa.org

August 11-18 to Roatan, Honduras (SVOSH-NSUOCO), Contact Alissa Proctor, proctor1@nsuok.edu

August to Guatemala and Belize (SVOSH-Pacific) Contact  puco@svoshinternational.com 

September 11-27 to Kapchorwa, Uganda (VOSH-Northwest) SVOSH Welcome! Contact Willow Thompson, OD   idrwillow@hotmail.com with intent to go by March 1st

September 19-21 to Fresno, CA with Veteran’s Stand Down Campaign (VOSH-CA) Contact Greg Pearl, OD drgregpearl@yahoo.com

September 22-23 to Lee, VA (VOSH-VA/RAM-VA)  SVOSH Welcome! Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD, vickiweiss@ramusa.org

October 6-7 to Grundy, VA (VOSH-VA/RAM-VA)  SVOSH Welcome! Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD, vickiweiss@ramusa.org

October 6-13 to Jeremie, Haiti (VOSH-PA) SVOSH Welcome! Contact Dr. Michelle Cadet-Honore, dramc96@gmail.com

October 27- November 4 to Belize (VOSH-MN) Contact Stacy Hinkemeyer, smhink@aol.com

November 3-4  to Gloucester, VA (VOSH-VA/RAM-VA)  SVOSH Welcome! Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD, vickiweiss@ramusa.org

November 4-10 to Cap Hatien, Haiti (Vosh-PA) Contact Diane Wilson, OD dianewilson1661@gmail.com

November 4-13 to Taksindu, Nepal (VOSH-CO) Contact Kara Fedders, OD coloradovosh@gmail.com (This Trip Is FULL)

November 11-18 to La Carpio and Bri Bri, Bajo Chirripo, Costa Rica (VOSH-BC) Contact Marina Roma-March, OD twecs@shaw.ca

November 14-28 to Kenya (VOSH-IN) Contact Jeffrey Marshall, OD drjcm@att.net 

November 18-25 to El Salvador (VOSH-CA) Contact Greg Pearl, OD drgregpearl@yahoo.com

Fall to Chihuahua, Mexico (VOSH-TX) Contact Tom Pruett, OD twpruett@comcast.net or guereroclinic.org  SVOSH Welcome! 

Past Clinics: 2017

January 6-14, to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, VOSH-CT, Contact Matthew Blondin, OD, mblond2@aol.com

January 8-14, to Cap Haitien, Haiti, VOSH-PA, Contact Diane Wilson dianewilson1661@gmail.com

January 10-13, to Penal, Trinidad, VOSH-NC, Contact Christina Smith, OD drcsmith@bellsouth.net 

January 22 – 27, to Santiago, Dominican Republic, VOSH-NE, Contact Ellen Weiss, OD weiss@vosh.org (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

January 28 – February 5, to Gomez-Palacio, Mexico, VOSH-SD, Contact Philip “Jelipe” Bugaiski, OD, drbugaiski@thedvc.net

January 29 – February 5, to Juigalpa, Nicaragua, Hopeful Ways, Contact Jim Carlins jjcarlins@hopefulways.org

January 20 – 29, to Mataquescuintla, Guatemala, VOSH-Ontario, Contact Pete Huitema petehuitema@quadro.net

January 28 – February 5, to Cedros, Honduras, VOSH-OH, Contact Barbara Plaugher arliss@wcoil.com

January 29 – February 4, to Gomez Palacio, Mexico, VOSH-SD, Contact Nathan Wiederholt, OD, wiederholtn@hotmail.com

February 5 – 20, to St. Martin, Ministry of Health, Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca

February 10 – 19, to Chinandega, Nicaragua, VOSH-SE, Contact Suzy Eberle, basicnicaragua@gmail.com

February 19-26, to El Salvador, VOSH-MN (hosted by FUDEM), Contact Julie Walsh, OD, jlwalsh@midco.net

February 27-March 3, to Hermosillo, Sonora, VOSH-AZ & SVOSH-Midwestern, Contact J. Daniel Twelker, OD, dtwelker@eyes.arizona.edu

March 8-15, to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, VOSH-IN,  Contact voshin22916@gmail.com

March 11 – 18to Cap Haitien, Haiti, VOSH-PA, Contact Mark Rakoczy, OD, mrakoczy831@gmail.com

March 13-19, to Guerrero Clinic, Chihuahua, Mexico, VOSH-TX, Contact Tom Pruett, OD, twpruett@comcast.net

March 22, to Wise, VA, VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org 

March 23Clintwood, VA VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org 

March 31 – April 2, to Coachella, California, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD drgregpearl@yahoo.co

March 24 – April 2, to Honduras, Central America, VOSH-MI, Contact Bob Foote, bobfooteod@att.net

April 13-17, to La Purisima, Baja, California, VOSH-IL & VOSH-CA, Contact Natalie Venezia, ncvenezia@mac.com (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

April 20 to Tecate, Mexico, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD pearl@vosh.org

May 3-10, to Moca, Dominican Republic, VOSH-SE, Contact Max Bruss, maxobrusso@gmail.com

May 5-7, to Smyth County, VA, VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org  

May 12-19, to FUDEM Clinic El Salvador, VOSH-IL, Contact Tracy Matchinski, OD, tmatchinski@aol.com (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

May 20-28, to Tumbala, Chiapas, Mexico, VOSH-CA, Contact Dr. David Kageyama, dtkageyama@hotmail.com WAIT LIST ONLY

May 21-27, to Pont Sonde, Haiti, VOSH-PA, Contact Mark Shust, OD, mshust@salus.edu

May 28-June 4, to Matagalpa Region, Nicaragua, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com

June 4-11, to El Sauce Region, Nicaragua, VOSH-CA, Contact Kristen White, OD, kristinrosewhite10@gmail.com

May 2017, to Republic of Moldavia, VOSH-Quebec, Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca

June 2017, to Ecuador, VOSH-Quebec, Contact Pierre Labine, pierrelabine@sympatico.ca

June 24-25Emporia, VA VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org

July 2017, to Peru, VOSH-Quebec, Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca

July 21-30, to Chinandega, Nicaragua, VOSH-SE, Contact Suzy Eberle, basicnicaragua@gmail.com

July 21-23Wise County, VA, VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org

July 17-23, to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, VOSH-SE, Contact John Spencer, OD, John.Spencer@allina.com

July 21-30, to Chinandega, Nicaragua, VOSH-SE, Contact Suzy Eberle,  basicnicaragua@gmail.com

July 24-30, to Guerrero Clinic, Chihuahua, Mexico, VOSH-TX, Contact Tom Pruitt, OD, twpruett@comcast.net

August 5-12 to Comitancillo, Guatemala, VOSH-SE,  Contact Susan Stees, seweyes@aol.com

August 11-20 to Guatemala, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact Kalyn Gregory, kalyn.gregory@pacificu.edu

August 19-27 to Belize, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact Kalyn Gregory, kalyn.gregory@pacificu.edu

August 26-27 to Washington D.C., VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org. Optometry students welcome. More information available at ramusa.org/Virginia. Please register at volunteer.ramusa.org and contact Victoria Molnar) POSTPONED.

September, to Andavadoaka, Madagascar, VOSH-CO, Contact Kara Fedders, OD coloradovosh@gmail.com 

September 22-October 7, to Embu and Kisumu, Kenya, VOSH-IA and IDEA Ministries, Contact Ralph De Haan, OD ralu@iowatelecom.net

September 22- 24, to Sacramento Clinic, CA, VOSH-CA, Contact Tom Burley, tom@californiacareforce.org

September 23- 24, to Lee County, VA VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org (Complimentary housing available if needed) OPTOMETRISTS NEEDED!

September 26- September 30, to Guerrero Clinic, Chihuahua, Mexico, VOSH-TX, Contact Tom Pruitt, OD, twpruett@comcast.net

October, to Marangu, Tanzania, VOSH-MN, Contact Jim Hess, OD, imnod@hotmail.com

October 7-8, to Grundy, VA, VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org 

October 27-November 9, to Kenya, VOSH-MI, Contact Nelson Edwards, OD, 517-518-4505 or email at ngedwards.o.d@gmail.com (Looking for 2 ODs and lay volunteers)

October 28 – Nov 4, to El Salvador (San Jose Villanueva), VOSH-ONE/Epilogos/Rotary Multidisciplinary Clinic, contact Jenifer Ambler amblerj@sover.net

November 4-5, to Warsaw, VA VOSH-VA/RAM (Remote Area Medical), Contact Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD vickiweiss@ramusa.org 

November 4-12, to Mexico, VOSH-IL, Contact Tracy Matchinski, OD, tmatchinski@aol.com (THIS TRIP IS FULL)

November 18-26, to Casimero Castillo, Mexico, VOSH-Santa Cruz (Montreal, Quebec), Contact Pierre Labine, pierrelabine@sympatico.ca

November 19-26 to El Salvador, at the FUDEM Clinic, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com (All Students Welcome.)

November to local outreach clinic in Ghana, VOSH-Ghana with the Rotary Club of Tema, Contact Dr. Abena Ntim, mailto:tesluvin@gmail.com

December 21-January 1 to Tanzania, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact puco@svoshinternational.com 

December 21-January 1 to Cambodia, SVOSH-Pacific, Contact puco@svoshinternational.com  (ODs Needed)

Past Clinics: 2016
January 9-16, Haiti (PA) Diane Wilson, OD dianewilson1661@gmail.com
January 9-16, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (CT) Audrey and Matt Blondin, OD AudBl@aol.com
January 19-27, Nicaragua with VOSH-WI. Contact Richard L Foss, OD at richardlfoss@yahoo.com. Looking for another OD.
January 24-30, El Salvador, working with FUDEM (OH) Christina Fox, OD dreye@hotmail.com
January 29 – Feb 7, Chinandega, Nicaragua. VOSH-SE: Contact Suzy Eberle, basicnicaragua@gmail.com
February 4 – 13, Christian Dominican Medical Mission at Mucha Aqua, Dominican Republic. VOSH-Ohio: Contact Dr. James Patterson at jimaeyecare@zoominternet.net
February 13, Haiti (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
February 17 – 28, Nicaragua with The Ascenta Foundation. Contact Laura McAlear at 604.716.2347
February 21-28, Zihuatanejo, Mexico. VOSH Southeast: Contact John Spencer at john.spencer@allina.com
Early 2016, San Felix, Panama (MN) Jim Hess, OD imnod@hotmail.com
February 26-March 5, Sahuaripa, Sonora, Mexico. VOSH-AZ, Dan Twelker, OD, PhD. dtwelker@eyes.arizona.edu
March 5-6, Buena Vista, VA, USA. Contact Clayton Tover clayton.trover@students.svu.edu or Vicki Weiss vickiweiss@ramusa.org. Register at www.ramusa.org.
March 5-6, Tijuana, Mexico. Contact Greg Pearl drgregpearl@yahoo.com
March 4-12, Nepal (BC/TWEKS) Marina Roma-March, OD twecs@shaw.ca  SEE REPORT
March 12-19, Cap Haitien, Haiti (PA), Mark Rakoczy, OD mrakoczy@embarqmail.com or 814-585-0099
March 20-27, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico (CA) Deborah Wright, Deborah@wrightmedia.com
March 28-April 3, Chihuahua, Mexico (IL and TX), Natalie Venezia, venezia@vosh.org
April 2016, Tsum Valley, Nepal, Rachel Frazin, NP tsumvalleymedicalmission.com rachelfrazin01@gmail.com
April 2 – May 28 (1 week sessions). VOSH – VA & Remote Area Medical to Greece. Contact Oriane Leake: orianeleake@ramusa.org
April 15-24, Honduras. VOSH-MI. Contact Bob Foote, OD bobfooteod@att.net
April 29 – May 1, RAM Clinic in Smyth County, Virginia. Vicki Weiss vickiweiss@ramusa.org
April 30, Romania (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
May 7-12, Managua, Nicaragua (SVOSH-UAB and SVOSH-UNAN) Dr. Marcela Frazier, mailto:mfrazier@uab.edu or Dr. Justin Manning mailto:manning@vosh.org
May 7 – 13, VOSH-Colorado to St. Maarten. Contact coloradovosh@gmail.com
May 15, Ecuador (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
May 2016, VOSH Iowa headed to Kenya for two 3-day clinics. Ralph De Haan, OD ralu@iowatelecom.net
May 22-28, VOSH PA to Pont Sonde, Haiti. Contact trip leader Paul Halpern, OD, at email pauldhalpern@verizon.net. Additional OD’s are needed.
June 15  – 17, VOSH-TX to Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico. Thomas Pruett twpruett@comcast.net
June 20-24, VOSH North Carolina to Grenada Contact Jill Scullion Here.
July 22-24, RAM to Wise, Virginia. Contact Vicki Weiss DVCClear@aol.com or register at  Volunteer.ramusa.org
July 29, Peru (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
July 29 – August 7, to Chinandega, Nicaragua, VOSH-SE, Contact Suzy Eberle, basicnicaragua@gmail.com
August 7 – 13, to Haiti, VOSH-PA, Contact David McPhillips,  Drmcpod@gmail.com
August 7 – 14, to Guatemala, VOSH-IL, Contact Alexandra Troy alexandra.troy.od@gmail.com
September 2016, to Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico, VOSH-TX, Contact Thomas Pruett twpruett@comcast.net
September 10, to Tijuana, Mexico, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com
October 2 – 8, to Frome, Jamaica, SVOSH-IN, Contact Rachel Muessel rmuessell@indiana.edu
October 2-17, to Ancud, Chile, VOSH-KS, Contact Ellis Potter, OD potter@vosh.org
October 7 – 17, Great Shape, Inc. to Negril, Jamaica. Tiffany tiffanygsjamaica@gmail.com
October 14 – 24, Great Shape, Inc. to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Tiffany tiffanygsjamaica@gmail.com
October 15, to Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com
 October 28-November 6, to Tecalitlan, Mexico, VOSH-Santa Cruz, Quebec, Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
October 28 – 30, to Sacramento, California (with the California Care Force), VOSH-CA, Contact Tom Burley, tom@californiacareforce.org
November 1-12, to Mazatlan, Mexico, VOSH-NW, Contact Debbie McDonald, dndmc@comcast.net
November 4-11, to Chihuahua, Mexico, SVOSH-Midwestern, Contact David Stacy, OD, stacy@vosh.org
November 10-17, to Mexico, SVOSH-Santa Cruz, Quebec, Contact Pierre Labine, pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
November 13 – 19, to Cap Haitien Haiti, VOSH-CA, Contact Diane Wilson, dianewilson1661@gmail.com
November 20-27, to El Salvador, Central America, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com
December, Tanzania, East Africa, SVOSH-PUCO, Contact Ann Edmonds, OD,  annedmonds@comcast.net
December 17, to Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, VOSH-CA, Contact Greg Pearl, OD, drgregpearl@yahoo.com
Date TBD, Barranquilla Colombia area, seeking a group leader for Vosh mission. We have host and I will assist with recruiting and supplies,. Contact Jimmy Gwillim, VOSH-IL,  jlgwil42@gmail.com or tel. 217 556 2545
Date TBD, Dr. Marina Roma-March is in touch with a Rotary Group which would like a VOSH team to do an eye care project in Jinotega Nicaragua, located 2-2 1/2 hour drive from the Managua airport on a very good highway. Contact Dr. March at twecs@shaw.ca
Past Clinics: 2015
January 8-12, Dominican Republic (NE), ellenweiss@millardfamilyeyecare.com
January 10-17, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (CT) audbl@hotmail.com
January 10-17, Cap Haitian/ Milot Haiti (PA) Diane Wilson,OD and Barbara Brown, OD dianewilson1661@gmail.combarbwbrown@sbcglobal.net
January 10-17, SOLT mission compound, Hinche, Haiti and Grace Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (OH) arliss@wcoil.com
January 16-26, Dominica, Lesser Antilles (21st Annual Mission) (MI) DanielWrubel@ferris.edu
January 17-25, Penonome, Panama (NE), Carl Sakovits  islanddoc5@aol.com
January 22-February 1, Pasaco Guatemala (ON)  Pete Huitema petehuitema@quadro.net
January 30-February 8, Santa Ana and San Miguel, El Salvador (ONE/ASAPROSAR), harryizeltzer@comcast.net
January 31-Feb 8, Lake Atitlan/Solola, Guatemala (IL) Natalie Venezia, venezia@vosh.org
January 31-Feb 8, Torreon, Mexico (SD), Dr. Nathan Wiederholt wiederholtn@hotmail.com  
February, Port Antonio, Jamaica (VOSH SD & VOSH MN), Larry Morrison, OD drlarry@morrisoneyecare.com
February 6-15, Chinandega (SE) Suzy Eberle basicnicaragua@gmail.com
February 7-14, Panama (WI) Richard Foss richardlfoss@yahoo.com
February 16-26 or February 15-March 2, Guayaquil and Cuenca, Ecuador (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca  Video of Clinic
February 22-March 1, Jamaica (SD) Joleen Meier (Brad) jomeier55@gmail.com, 605 880-8450
February 25 -March 4, San Pedro Sula, Honduras (IN) Jeffrey C Marshall, OD drjcm@att.net or 317-987-4764
February, 2015, Guatemala (KY) Greg Hagedom idox06@gmail.com Clinic Report
March 2-5, Miguel Aleman, Sonora, Mexico (AZ) J. Daniel Twelker, OD, PhD, dtwelker@eyes.arizona.edu
March 7-14, Cap Haitian, Haiti (PA) Mark Rakoczy, OD, mrakoczy@embarqmail.com
March 11-15, Nicaragua (SVOSH UAB), Marcela Frazier, OD mfrazier@uab.edu
April 12, Malingua Pamba, Ecuador (CO) Full.  Kara Fedders, OD  coloradovosh@gmail.com
April 29-May 8, Portoviejo, Ecuador (MN), Bob Boeding, OD rboeding@q.com h)763-784-0482 c) 612-296-3137
April 30-May 2, West Virginia, (TX) Javier Morales, OD c4vette@hotmail.com
May 2-15 or 23, Romania (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
May 16-23, Pont Sonde, Haiti (PA) Paul Halpern, OD pauldhalpern@verizon.net
July 17-19, Wise, VA (VA) Vicki Weiss, OD  dvcclear@aol.com
July 29- Aug 7 or 13, Peru (includes Machu Pichu) (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
August 7-16, Villa Nueva, Nicaragua (VOSH Southeast) Suzy Eberle basicnicaragua@gmail.com
August 29 to September 4, Suceava, Romania & surrounding villages (OH) arliss@wcoil.com
September 12 & 13, Lee County, VA (VA)  Vicki Weiss, OD  vickiweiss@ramusa.org September 7-10, Papua New Guinea (Minnesota) Julie Walsh, OD, PhD jlwalsh@midco.net
October 3 & 4, Grundy, VA (VA) Vicki Weiss, OD  dvcclear@aol.com
November 7-14, Haiti (PA) Diane Wilson, OD dianewilson1661@gmail.com
November 7-15, Quito, Ecuador (IL) Tracy Matchinski, OD TMatchinski@aol.com
November 14 & 15, Warsaw, VA (VA) Vicki Weiss, OD  vickiweiss@ramusa.org
November 19-November 1 or November 15-December 1, Mexico (Santa Cruz, QC) pierre.labine@sympatico.ca
November 18-Dec 2, Kenya, includes Amboseli Extension (IN) Jeffrey C Marshall, OD  drjcm@att.net or 317-987-4764. Work in Nairobi at Harambee, Safari in Tanzania.
December 12-22, Tanzania. Pacific University College of Optometry SVOSH (AMIGOS) looking for 1-2 doctors. Work in cities of Monduli and Karatu. Contact Andy Mackner at mack9321@pacificu.edu or call at 701-388-6228.