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VOSH-BC Mission Moved to Costa Rica

The VOSH-BC Nicaragua project originally scheduled for November 11th -18th 2018 has been CANCELLED due to ongoing political unrest.  The project has been moved to COSTA RICA NOVEMBER 11-18TH with Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation.  It will be held in the community of La Carpio and the indigenous community of Bri Bri in Bajo Chirripo.  Please contact Dr.... read more

VOSH Texas has successful clinic trips

The first two VOSH Texas clinics of this year were highly successful. We were a little short of ODs for the spring clinic with only 3 in attendance, but by working late we managed to care for over 300 patients, sending over 100 for cataract surgery. We always have a great surgical team to refer to. The summer clinic was attended by 5 SVOSH students from SUNY in New York as well as 4 recent OD graduates, two from U of H and 2 from Aguascalientes. We had one VOSH OD from Penticton, British Columbia and one from Cuauhtemoc, Mexico. This team pretty well filled our 10 exam rooms and around 800 patients were examined and over 150 were sent to surgery.   Our fall clinic will be the week of September 10th. Four ODs are already registered! Applications can be found at: guerreroclinic.org! Two of our members attended the VOSH conference in Denver two weeks ago where we learned of the other great work VOSH is doing around the world. As a result of this Denver meeting, we learned more about The Essilor Vision Foundation and its great work with VOSH.  VOSH Texas is now a partner with The Essilor Vision Foundation and takes advantage of the services and materials offered by them. If you wish more info about this Foundation, please contact me or the EVF web site.   Tom Pruett,... read more

VOSH-CT seeking suggestions for alternative mission sites for January 2019

VOSH-CT has been servicing the San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and surrounding areas since January 2002.  Given the current political situation in Nicaragua it is unknown at this time whether or not our mission that is currently scheduled for January 5-13, 2019 will be able to proceed.  We are currently seeking suggestions for alternative mission sites during that time frame of January 5-13, 2019 that can accommodate 8-10 ODs, 30-40 optometry students and approximately 20 additional support staff.  Please contact VOSH-CT at Audbl@aol.com or call... read more

VOSH-MI looking for ODs to join clinic team to Kenya

VOSH-MI is planning a return trip to Nakuru, Kenya on January 11-25, 2019. We are looking for two Optometrists to join our team. Please contact Nelson Edwards, OD ngedwards.o.d@gmail.com for more information. This is a VOSH Michigan chapter mission. We are hosted in country by Rotary clubs in Nairobi and Nakuru. Lodging will be in hotels and after mission, we have r&r planned in the Maasai Mara national park with safaris. Costs include airfare from Detroit about $900, and in country cost of... read more

VOSH BC/TWECS looking for volunteers for Nicaragua mission

VOSH BC/ TWECS CANADA has a project to Jiquilillo and Chinandega Nicaragua from November 11-18th 2018. Host: Gerry Caceres, Caridad Caceres and Chinandega Firefighters.   Place: Montys Beach Lodge http://montysbeachlodge.com/ All meals and snacks included.  Activities available are Surfing, Bicycle, Horse back riding, Volcano Sand Boarding, Paddle boarding, Mangrove Estuary exploration and Volcano Hike. If interested please email Dr. Marina Roma-March... read more

Mission Camana, Peru

VOSH Santa Cruz sent a team of 30 to offer a free eye clinic in Camana, Peru from May 4th till May 12th. We received 2,505 patients with close to 1,000 children and teenagers being screened and given appointments for the next morning. We had 10 exam rooms going and a large dispensing area. We were able to offer  glasses to almost everyone, bringing back 9 prescriptions that will be made in Canada. We were there last year, so we have been able to receive 6,417 patients in 2 years out of a population  of... read more

Need ODs at RAM Event!

HELP!  We are having a Remote Access Medical (RAM) event  in Durant, OK at the college campus, on June 2 & 3rd.  We need volunteer optometrist for this 2 day event.  Please contact me if you can help.  Deborah Hadley at deborah@rhnok.org. Please visit www.rhnok.org or... read more

2017 VOSH Texas Yearly Report

Once again, we close out the year on a positive note. Our VOSH Texas year began on March 17th with the spring clinic in Guerrero where 28 US VOSH volunteers including 2 ophthalmologists, 4 ODs & 11 SVOSH students, (9 from the University of Houston and 2 from SUNY), joined with 61 Mexican volunteers, including 5 Mexican ophthalmologists, to provide vision screenings for 1764 patients, 708 in 22 county locations and 1056 in the Guerrero clinic. Glasses were dispensed in both, 204 in the villages and 648 in the clinic. Our surgeons performed 202 cataract procedures, 2 pterygia, 24 YAG laser & 12 Argon laser treatments. However, the week preceding our clinic, a group of VOSH members from Virginia & Ohio used our facility to conduct their own vision clinic and we hope to continue this cooperation in the future with other VOSH chapters. In July, with picture perfect weather, we had 37 US VOSH volunteers including 2 ophthalmologists, 3 ODs & 10 3rd year SVOSH students from the University of Houston, along with 59 volunteers from Mexico, and our 5 loyal Mexican ophthalmologists, working only in the Guerrero facility, where they did 433 eye exams and 109 cataract surgeries, 6 iridotomies & 5 YAGs. Our retinal specialist did 33 retinal services including 12 Argon laser treatments. 215 pairs of glasses were dispensed. Also in the summer, a plastic surgery team came to our clinic in Guerrero and performed 47 cleft/palate surgeries and 32 minor surgeries. The fall clinic in September had 15 VOSH volunteers from the US, one ophthalmologist and 3 ODs, but still with about 60 Mexican volunteers, again... read more