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Interested in an hand held autorefractor for your VOSH clinic?

PlenOptika has a special offer for VOSH AND SVOSH members.   The PlenOptika auto-refractor list price is $6,490. It’s available to VOSH members through February 15th for $5,950 and includes a Bluetooth printer ($220 value).  See https://plenoptika.com/ If interested, please contact Plenoptika directly to purchase the AR. Shivang Dave, PhD, CEO sales@plenoptika.com (m) 617.862.2203... read more

Optometrists needed to help in VSP Mobile Clinic in Chico, CA (Paradise Camp Fire)

VSP has established a Vision Mobile Clinic Outreach in Chico, CA to help those in the Paradise Camp Fire and is looking for ODs to help.  They need two doctors, one each of the following day for eight hours:  Saturday Dec 1st  Saturday Dec 8th  The VSP Mobile Clinic will be located at the Toys R Us parking lot:  Toys R Us  1919 E. 20th Street  Chico, Ca. 95828  Please call or email Gilbert Melgoza if you can volunteer.   Cell 916-715-4381.  Office 916-851-4571... read more

SEE Offers Surgical Services on VOSH Missions

Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International spoke at the VOSH annual meeting in Montreal in October, 2018. SEE collaborates with VOSH chapters to provide ophthalmological surgical humanitarian services, both domestically and internationally. If your mission trip is conducive to adding surgical services, please contact: Catherine Lamorena Vice President of programs.  175 Cremona Drive, Suite 100, Santa Barbara, CA 93117 catherine@seeintl.org   |  www.seeintl.org... read more

SVOSH-Salus in Search of VOSH Mission to Join

 SVOSH- Salus would like to join a VOSH Chapter on one of their trips around May 13-19 or August 12-18, 2019. If you have a trip around those dates and would like to have the help of enthusiastic optometry students, please contact Lauren Furicchia, president of SVOSH Salus... read more

VOSH-CT to Host RAM Clinic Site

VOSH-CT will be providing eye care services at the RAM USA (Remote Access Medical) clinic site June 20-23, 2019 in Emporia, VA. Optometrists, optometry students, and optometric assistants are needed. Space is limited an emission members are urged to commit as soon as possible. The clinic site is within one day’s drive of New England. For further information contact Dr. Matthew Blondin or Audrey at... read more

RAM is saddened to announce the death of Stan Brock, distinguished Founder and President

“For the past 20 years I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Stan Brock bringing healthcare including Eye Care across Virginia and the United States. I was honored to be chosen by Stan to further his mission and carry it on in Virginia growing from 2 to 10 clinics a year. Stan was an inspiration to all volunteers leading by example; providing care without question and worked all day, every day, to help grow the ability to provide services to patients in need. His inspiration with regard to furthering domestic healthcare included expanding states laws to have providers cross state lines. As President of VOSH- Virginia this was really helpful as VOSH members across the U.S. have always answered my call to help in Virginia. We as members of VOSH can help continue his legacy by providing eye care to those in need in the United States and the world.”  -Vicki Weiss Remote Area Medical is saddened to announce the death of Stan Brock, 82, our distinguished Founder and President.  Mr. Brock, who passed away on Wednesday, August 29, pioneered the use of mobile medical clinics to deliver health care services to people in remote, isolated, and underserved communities around the globe.  During Mr. Brock’s thirty-three-year tenure with RAM, more than 740,000 people attended his clinics to receive free dental, vision, and medical services, all provided by more than 120,000 dedicated volunteers.    Without Mr. Brock, RAM would not have been able to prevent pain and alleviate suffering for so many people. While Mr. Brock’s death is a great loss to the organization, RAM will continue championing his legacy and... read more

Vision Care trip to Fort Portal, Uganda in February/March 2019

We are planning a trip to Fort Portal, Uganda that will leave the US on February 22 or 23 and return on March 10, 2019. We are looking for licensed optometrists and other healthcare providers. Our primary goal is to provide eye care. There will be seven working days which will leave a couple days for safari trips to nearby national parks. In country costs have not been nailed down, but a rough estimate at this time is around $1500. This estimate does not include safari costs which are reasonable due to the closeness of the parks. Airfare is provided through the generosity of Emirates Airline Foundation. Any non-licensed individual who wishes to go will have to provide their own airfare. If an ophthalmologist  is available to provide cataract surgeries they would be very much appreciated. Also, if anyone wishes to arrive in Uganda early or leave later that can be arranged, but the core cost and expected work time will have to correspond with the group. Expenses outside the group will be up to the individual. For more details contact Clyde B. Slavin, OD. clyde.slavin@gmail.com 360-909-3776... read more