The Fellowship Program was authored by Dr. Stuart Frank and a committee for the purpose of acknowledging the skills and experience necessary for a member of VOSH to advise on the global challenge of preventable blindness; to foster the development of future leaders to meet the challenge of VISION 2020 and to prepare individuals who may be asked to consult with governmental agencies, educational, private, or public institutions, and the media on issues related to the mission and vision of VOSH/International.

Fellows of VOSH/International are expected to exemplify those characteristics which are deemed important for achieving the primary mission of VOSH. Among those characteristics deemed important are:

(a) Demonstrated understanding of the worldwide need for eye care, including: demographics; basic epidemiology; major causes and geographic patterns of vision loss worldwide; specific challenges for the prevention and remediation of vision loss; the role of VOSH, WHO, and other non-governmental organizations.

(b) A basic understanding of the philosophical constructs underlying volunteer, charity, and humanitarian programs.

(c) A knowledge of and sensitivity to cultural considerations in the delivery of health care to underserved populations.

(d) A demonstrated level of commitment to the primary mission of VOSH / International, as set forth by the fellowship committee, through participation in a variety of activities listed below.

(e) Knowledge of the history and organization of VOSH.

(f) Demonstrated understanding of a VOSH mission, including mission preparation, logistics, the roles of various team members, and philosophy and approach to delivery of care during a mission.

(g) Membership in good standing of VOSH/International. However, a non-member may be awarded the title of Honorary Fellow of VOSH/International in exceptional cases.

(h) Successful completion of an oral interview to be given at the annual meeting of VOSH / International.

(i) A completed application for fellowship.


The primary mission of the VOSH/International Fellowship Program is to acknowledge and honor those individuals who have successfully met the criteria set forth for fellowship, and to assist those who wish to achieve the fellowship designation. The fellowship program is designed to encourage the acquisition of knowledge, skills and experience necessary to meet the global challenge of eliminating preventable blindness, and to foster the development of future leaders prepared to carry on the mission of VOSH/International. The primary mission of VOSH/International is to facilitate the provision of eye care worldwide to people who can neither afford nor obtain such care.


A candidate has 5 years in which to successfully complete the requirements for fellowship.

1. Complete the Application for Fellowship;

2. Demonstrate commitment to the mission of VOSH/International;

3. Study the suggested materials;

4. Complete a Written Examination (Study the Sample Exam Questions);

5. Complete an Oral Interview to be given at the Annual Meeting of VOSH/International.

Admittance and Induction: Upon successful completion of the written and oral examinations, new Fellows are formally presented and welcomed into the Fellowship by the VOSH/International President during the Annual Meeting.