More than 2.5 billion on the planet have impaired vision or functional blindness.


Most have no access to eye care and glasses nor resources. 80% of vision impairment is considered avoidable.


By donating to VOSH/International®, you not only give the gift of sight to individuals, you help break a link to poverty.  


Your donation gives hope and opportunity for education, work and a quality of life.  


Join the Vision. Help Others to See the World.


VOSH/International® thanks you for your continuing support!

Bringing the smiles and hopes to so many as wonderfully shown by the video above.

We hope this film inspires you to join and continue to give the gift of sight by donating this Holiday Season to VOSH/International®.

VOSH/International® is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to bring vision to every person on the planet!
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