Announcing VOSH/International Humanitarian of Year: Vision Spring’s Jordan Kassalow



VOSH/International proudly announces Dr. Jordan Kassalow as its 2018 Humanitarian of the Year. The founder of Vision Spring, and the driving force in a laundry list of humanitarian initiatives and organizations, was cited for taking on the challenges of vision problems in providing training in India, Africa and South America resulting in supplying affordable and durable eyewear to millions.  Dr. Kassalow will receive the VOSH Humanitarian of the Year Award and be a speaker at the VOSH 26th Annual Meeting October 12-13 in Montreal Canada.

In receiving news of his selection, Dr. Kassalow said  “the award is special to me given that my interest in this work started as a student with VOSH. This is wonderful news.” Dr. Kassalow, a graduate of the New England College of Optometry, was active in VOSH during his student years in the late 80s. 

After receiving his Masters of Public Health degree, he worked with Helen Keller International as Director of the Division on River Blindness.  After noting that most of the world’s hundreds of millions suffering impaired vision needed only low cost glasses, Dr. Kassalow founded Vision Spring which has now, through training and distribution, has provided deeply discounted eyewear to more than 5 million lacking resources or access to eye care.

In his many other endeavors and initiatives, Dr. Kassalow has been instrumental in channeling collective efforts to bring clarity and clear action to address the global unmet needs for glasses by including public, private, academic, and NGO Partners. 

VOSH is a leading nonprofit optometric and eye care humanitarian and volunteer organization with 84 chapters globally. The VOSH Annual meeting brings together chapters including professionals and lay volunteers, to share experiences and gain the latest in humanitarian and vision efforts in actively confronting the challenges of the global eye care crisis. Information on attending and registering for the VOSH Annual meeting in Montreal can be found on the website by clicking annual meeting and selecting the 26th Annual Meeting in Montreal.