Celebrating 50 years of providing free, quality eye care

OCTOBER 29 & 30, 2022

San Diego, CA

(This will be a hybrid event: in person or streamed on line)

Towards Vision For All

This year our event focuses on our commitment to bringing vision for all.  Last year, governments represented at the United Nations unanimously recognized the importance of eye health for social and economic development and the need to support the significant number of people living with preventable and treatable vision impairment to achieve a more equitable, inclusive, sustainable and resilient world.

Since its origins, VOSH chapters have been addressing the burden of eye health conditions affecting the most vulnerable groups in society. Fifty-years ago the movement that became VOSH/International started and has continued to grow.

The meeting will showcase the diverse contribution of VOSH/International, its chapters and partners to achieving vision for all ranging from low vision rehabilitation services, to supporting learning through children’s vision, to approaches to strengthen optometric education, the importance of research and now that clinics are resuming, sharing clinical pearls to make your humanitarian clinic a great success.

You are warmly invited to join us in person or online

We are grateful for the support of National Vision, Inc. as the Visionary Sponsor of our Annual Meeting



We are grateful for the support of VSP Vision as the

US SVOSH Chapters Travel Grants Sponsor