Contact VOSH@VOSH.ORG or contact these people with your specific inquiry:

AOA Liaison

Jim DeVleming, OD JDeVleming@AOA.ORG


VOSH Chapters: John Larcabal, OD
Student VOSH Chapters: Michael Ciszek, OD
International VOSH chapters: J. Dan Twelker, OD, PhD

Communications, Press and Social Media

Mel Muchnik, PhD
Tracey Peterson
Natalie Venezia, FVI (website)

Executive Committee

President Tracy Matchinski, OD, FAAO, FVI
Vice President J. Dan Twelker, OD, PhD
Immediate Past President Ellen Weiss, OD, FVI
Treasurer Mark Rakoczy, OD
Secretary Umair Khan, OD
Executive Director Maria Arce Moreira 

Exhibits and Displays

Tracey Peterson

Internship Program

Emilee Nehring, OD


Tracy Matchinski, OD

Technology Transfer Program (Donate or Request Equipment)

David Stacy, OD

Treasurer and Financial Matters

Mark Rakoczy, OD

Vice President

Vice President- J. Dan Twelker, OD, PhD

VOSH Corps, Ambassador Program (long- or short-term service overseas)

VOSH Corps Greg Pearl, OD
Ambassador Program J. Dan Twelker, OD, PhD
Mentorship Program J. Dan Twelker, OD, PhD