From Website of Brien Holden Vision Institute:

“The global need for vision correction has created disability and a poverty-inducing health care crisis worldwide. More than 625 million people are unnecessarily blind or vision impaired simply because they don’t have access to an eye examination and a pair of glasses.”

Volunteer with the Brien Holden Vision Institute/Eye Health Mentor Program

“In locations where optometry schools have recently been established there is a lack of professional support for new graduates. We are calling on experienced optometrists to mentor new graduates in developing communities who are working hard towards achieving best practice.

We believe mentoring is a powerful and effective way of transferring knowledge, skills and experience. Joining our mentoring program gives you an opportunity to give new optometric professionals the confidence, guidance and support to contribute to vision for everyone…everywhere.

In order to become an Eye Health Mentor successful applicants are required to complete an online course. The course is designed to help strengthen volunteers understanding of student learning and effective mentoring principles, as well as be a platform to connect with other like-minded volunteers. The time commitment to participate in the online course is approximately two hours per week, over a five week period.”

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