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Donate or request used optometric equipment

The VOSH/INTERNATIONAL Resource Management Team partnering with Optometry Giving Sight welcomes your interest in our Technology Transfer Program (TTP). VOSH, through TTP, collects, restores and ships used optometric equipment, lenses and frames to needy clinics, teaching institutions, hospitals and NGO’s. VOSH/INTERNATIONAL is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.

The following equipment may be donated or requested (however please inquire if you do not see your item on the list):

Autorefractors, desktop.
Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes and Monocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes
Bio-microscopes (Slit Lamp)
Contrast Sensitivity Tester
Frames (plastic in particular)
Frame Warmer
Hand Edgers, Edgers using patterns
Hand Tools
Instrument Recharging Wells
Keratometers, manual
Lens Blanks Glass, CR39, Bifocals, Progressive
Lens Blank Finisher
Lensometers, manual

Near Point Acuity Cards
Optical Rulers
Radius-gauge or Radioscope
Readers, Single Vision and Bifocals
Retinoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes with various types of handles
Staking Sets
Tangent Screen and Visual Field Testers
Tonometers, Schiotz, NCT, Keeler PulseAir
Trial Lens Kits and Trial Lens Frames
Vision Testers, mostly Keystone

Please note: Occasionally equipment donated may not be needed or suitable for current TTP needs and may be sold or otherwise disposed of by VOSH.

Other questions: Please contact Dr. David Stacy, Chair of the Technology Transfer Program (TTP): or 480.737.7642