VOSH Hosts Free Vision Clinic Providing Quality Eyecare

VOSH volunteers provide free, quality eye care around the globe, based on assessment of need, local access to quality care and local support.In doing so, VOSH builds strong relationships with local governments, health and eye care providers and provide opportunities to educate local educators and professionals, focusing on the development of sustainable clinics.

Our volunteers are licensed optometrists, opticians, health care providers and lay people. There are clinic trips both domestically as well as internationally, in over 30 countries, serving hundreds of thousands of patients.

VOSH Provides Optometric Equipment to Clinics and Locales In Need

The VOSH Technology Transfer Program (TTP) collects, restores and ships used optometric equipment, lenses and frames to needy clinics, teaching institutions, hospitals and NGOs where it can lead a new purpose and change lives. This vital service enables developing clinics and optometric programs to obtain necessary equipment to treat their local communities and train local optometrists to provide quality eyecare.

Promoting Optometric Education

One of the greatest impediments to the education of optometrists in developing countries is the lack of local optometry schools and the optometric educators to teach in these institutions.

As a solution to this global issue, VOSH is growing a new generation of optometrists in developing nations. In collaboration with other eye health care leaders, VOSH/International, has developed three initiatives to build optometric education worldwide: The VOSH Corps Program,  the Ambassador Program and the Mentorship Program. We invite North American ODs to serve in emerging optometric institutions as faculty and program development assistants, on either a long term (1-2 years) or a short term (minimum of 1 week) basis or to partner with international SVOSH chapters. The goal is that the education is carried on by the local students and optometrists who then teach and train others in their community. These are fantastic opportunities for those just entering the profession; those who are transitioning to retirement; or those looking for a new adventure.