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SAVE THE DATE and MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the next VOSH Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida on Sunday October 27, 2019 to be held immediately after the 3rd World Congress of Optometry presented by the World Council of Optometry in partnership with the American Academy of Optometry (Oct. 23-26, 2019). Fittingly, as the meeting is in Orlando, near Disney World, the theme at the VOSH Annual Meeting will be “Big Vision, Small World”, looking at optometry globally. There will be exciting international speakers and relevant breakout sessions and participation by all chapters present. 

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The VOSH Fellowship fosters the development of humanitarian leaders to meet the challenge of VISION 2020 and to prepares individuals who may be asked to consult with governmental agencies, educational, private, or public institutions, and the media on issues related to the mission and vision of VOSH/International.

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Years in the planning with VOSH/International as a major collaborating partner, 19 Optometry students begin the long sought journey to build critically needed eye care capacity in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Read this exciting news in the Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI OGS) release below. Past V/I President Dr. Dave McPhillips and Dr. Halpren are there representing VOSH/International.

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26th VOSH Annual Meeting

Jordan Kassalow awarded Humanitarian of Year, Bud Falkenhain awarded Lifetime Achievement, and Natalie Venezia presented with President Circle Award at the 2018 VOSH Annual Meeting.


Humanitarian Passion and Information on Full Display in Montreal

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October President’s Insight

VOSH Annual Meeting VOSH/International held its 26th Annual Meeting on October 13, 2018 in Montreal, Canada in collaboration with VOSH- Santa Cruz hosts of this event.  Eighty people from six countries, including India, Romania, Mexico, UK, USA and Canada, attended a full day of inspiring speakers, chapter update sessions, exhibitors and networking.  Father Pierre Labine and VOSH-Santa Cruz, https://voshohv.org/, have been an incredibly active VOSH chapter for over 20 years, helping people in their own community and around the world.  Their special guests to the meeting-Mrs. DÌaz and her son Gustavo- had been doing humanitarian work in their hometown and surrounding area in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and  collaborating with VOSH-Santa Cruz for over 20 years ago to provide eyecare and glasses to those in need.   Gustavo Diaz, gave a passionate and powerful presentation at the VOSH annual meeting about the impact of the work of this VOSH chapter on his community highlighting the important networks of local support that VOSH chapters are able to build with local community leaders .  Many other speakers also provided motivation and important information.  These included: Dr. Luigi Bilotto (BHVI) spoke on Sustainable Eye Health and Enhancing Optometry Around the World Dr. Yogita Rajgandhi (VOSH-India) spoke on the State of Optometric Care in India and how VOSH Can Help Dr. Vicki Weiss (VOSH-VA) spoke on VOSH Efforts Domestically and Keys to Success Catherine Lamorena and Yatzie Ponce provided information on Surgical Eye Expedition International and Partnership Opportunities Dr. Asa Morton, MD, spoke on Ophthalmological Collaboration with HELPS International Andrea Haymore and Kirstin Jones presented on the Essilor Vision Foundation’s New Programs to help VOSH for Local Outreach All... read more

SEE Offers Surgical Services on VOSH Missions

Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International spoke at the VOSH annual meeting in Montreal in October, 2018. SEE collaborates with VOSH chapters to provide ophthalmological surgical humanitarian services, both domestically and internationally. If your mission trip is conducive to adding surgical services, please contact: Catherine Lamorena Vice President of programs.  175 Cremona Drive, Suite 100, Santa Barbara, CA 93117 catherine@seeintl.org   |  www.seeintl.org... read more

SVOSH-Salus in Search of VOSH Mission to Join

 SVOSH- Salus would like to join a VOSH Chapter on one of their trips around May 13-19 or August 12-18, 2019. If you have a trip around those dates and would like to have the help of enthusiastic optometry students, please contact Lauren Furicchia, president of SVOSH Salus... read more