Franklin Harms Society

VOSH participants have volunteered thousands of hours of service to the vision care of the unfortunate. To honor those who have aided those missions, VOSH/International has created The Franklin Harms Society, named after it’s Founder, Franklin Harms. This honor recognizes those optometrists, volunteers and others who have served on 10 or more domestic or foreign VOSH mission trips.


The requirements are:
To have participated in a minimum of 10 mission trips, domestic or foreign.
To be a current member of a VOSH chapter.
Complete an application listing the missions, date, destination, name of chapter, address and email address.

A Franklin Harms Society member will be:
Honored with a personalized certificate.
Recognized at the VOSH/International Annual Meeting.
Listed on the website as having received this honor.

Man with ocular device
Older woman with two students


Jenifer Ambler, OD (ONE)

Roy F. Anderson, OD, FAAO (MN)

Rocco Andreozzi, OD (NE)

Robert Arnold, OD (KS)

Jerry Arvidson (MN)

Joni Arvidson (MN)

Cindy Bachrodt (IN)

Chris Barry, OD (NW)

Geoffrey Burns, MD (NE)

Mary Berthelot, RN (NE)

Audrey B. Blondin (CT)

Mathew Blondin, OD, FAAO (CT)

Robert (Bob) Boeding, OD (MN)

Elsa Branson (TX)

Walter Branson, FVI (TX)

Paul Caletti, OD (NW)

Christine Chmielewski RN, OD, FVI (PA)

Catherine Mauro Chickos, OD (NE)

Dale K. Cole, OD, FVI (KS)

Brent Crandon, OD (KS)

Glenda C. Denham, OD (CO)

Mitch Dobrzelewski, OD (MI)

Suzy Bamberg Eberle (SE)

Mark Ebben, OD (WI)

Bud Falkenhain, OD, FVI (MO)

Lisbeth Faulstich, OD, FAAO (NW)

Derek Feifke, OD (ONE)

Robert A. Foote, OD, FVI (MN)

Jeffrey A. Forrey, OD (NW)

Christina Fox, OD (OH)

Michael Frische, OD (IN)

Gene Frogge (NW)

John Gehrig, Esq. (SE)

Lawrence Ginsberg, OD (NE)

Jimmy Gwillim (IL)




Members of the Franklin Harms Society


Robin Hamm-Lavalley, OD (OH)

Linda Heath, FNO, ABOC (NW)

Jim Hess, OD, FVI (MN)

Margie Hess (MN)

Larry Hookway, OD, FVI (OH)

Gregory Kane, OD, FVI (SE)

David Krasnow, OD, MPH, MBA, FVI (CA)

Pierre Labine, CSC (Santa Cruz)

Lee Lerner, OD (ONE)

Willa K. Lieberman, MS (CA)

Herb Lippman (NW)

Michel Listenberger, OD, FVI (IN)

Derrick March (TWECS/BC)

Jeffrey C. Marshall, OD, FVI (IN)

Tracy L. Matchinski, OD, FVI (IL)

Ruth S. McAndrews, OD, FVI (IOWA)

David McPhillips, OD, FAAO, FVI (PA)

Caryl Mikrut, OD (SE)

W. Donner Mizelle, OD (IN-Honduras)

John Moats, MD (OH)

Mel Muchnik, PhD, FVI (IL)

Albert M. Nemiroff, OD, FAAO, FVI (CA)

Nancy Patterson (NW)

Edward Lee Paul, Jr., OD (NC)

Greg Pearl, OD, FVI (CA)

Arils Plaugher (OH)

Barbara Plougher, RN (OH)

Darlene A. Pohlman (OH)

James D. Pohlman, JD (OH)

C. Ellis Potter, OD, FAAO, FVI (KS)

Thomas Pruett, OD (TX)




Carole S. Rich (NW)

Edward P. Rich (NW)

Nelson Rivera, OD, FVI (SE)

Marina Roma-March, OD, FVI (TWECS/BC)

J. Rocco Robilotto, OD (NE)

Jean Rose, (IA)

Stephen Rose, OD, FVI (IA)

Alfred A. Rosenbloom, OD (IL)

Sarah Rosenbloom (IL)

Dietrich Ruehrmund (IL)

Joan Ruehrmund (IL)

Kurt Ruehrmund (IL)

Stanley Sagara, OD (SE)

Dale Simmons (MN)

Ann Slocum-Edmonds, OD, FVI (OR)

David R. Stacy, OD, FVI (AZ)

Dave Stockdale (NW)

Kirk R. Thomas (MN)

Christina Thompson, DMD (NE)

Harlan Vander Griend, OD (IA)

Natalie Venezia, Esq. FVI (IL)

Julie Walsh, OD (MN)

David Weigel, OD (IN)

Carl Weiss, FVI (NE)

Ellen Weiss, OD, FVI (NE)

Victoria Molnar Weiss, OD (VA)

Laurie White, OD (KS)

Diane G. Wilson, OD (MO)

Edward M. Worthen, OD (NW)

Deborah Wright (CA)

Harry I. Zeltzer, OD, DOS, FAAO, FVI (ONE)