Seeking Optometrists to Serve Outside the USA

VOSH is on the MOVE: Motivating Others To VOSH Excellence: Three Programs to Explore:

Growing a New Generation of Optometrists in Developing Nations: VOSH/International, in collaboration with other eye health care leaders, has developed three initiatives to build optometric education worldwide: The VOSH Corps Program and the Ambassador Program and the Mentorship Program. We invite North American ODs to serve in emerging optometric institutions as faculty and program development assistants, on either a long term (1-2 years) or a short term (minimum of 1 week) basis or to partner with international SVOSH chapters. These are fantastic opportunities for those just entering the profession; those who are transitioning to retirement; or those looking for a new adventure.

VOSH Corps is a one-year minimum commitment to teaching abroad. Apply here for the VOSH Corps Program

The Ambassador Program is a short term teaching visit to an optometry program and includes $1000 for international travel and up to $1500 to bring ophthalmic instruments. Apply here for the Ambassador Program

SVOSH/VOSH Mentorship Program is designed to mentor a SVOSH/VOSH group abroad and includes $1500 for ophthalmic equipment. Apply here for the Mentorship Program

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Sara McGowan, OD, MS – Mzuzu University Optometry, Malawi (2012-2018)
Justin Manning, OD, MPH – UNAN Optometry, Nicaragua (2015-2017)
J. Daniel Twelker, OD, PhD – MMUST Optometry, Kenya (2015)
Jerson Desiderio, OD – Makerere Optometry, Uganda (2016-2017)
Robert Molter, OD – Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University Optometry, Vietnam (2016-present)
Kim Molter, OD – Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University Optometry, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2016-present)
Ben Konig, OD – UNAN Optometry, Nicaragua (2017-2018)
Mirage Shah, OD – Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University Optometry, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2019)
Jemini Patel, OD – Makerere University Optometry, Uganda (2019-2020)
Lori Ann Copilevitz, OD – Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University, Optometry, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2018-present)
Duy Nguyen, OD – Hanoi Medical University, Optometry, Hanoi, Vietnam (2020-present)
Vinh Vu, OD – Hanoi Medical University, Optometry, Hanoi, Vietnam (2018-2020)

VOSH Corps

We are seeking optometrists with an interest in the academia required for recently established optometry programs aimed at addressing the human resource needs of eye care delivery in developing countries. The successful candidate will be required to assume the position for a minimum duration of one year (reviewable) and relocate within a reasonable time once a position becomes available. VOSH/International will review applications with final selection and placement by the Brien Holden Vision Institute. Apply here

Ambassador Program

We are encouraging VOSH members or chapters to identify emerging VOSH and SVOSH chapters abroad that would be interested in hosting a VOSH/International ambassador for a short visit (5 to 14 days). You or your chapter would share your expertise through lectures, attending local vision missions and clinics, and generally being a mentor for budding optometric academic programs. Apply here


Mentorship Program

We are encouraging North American VOSH and SVOSH Chapters to work with international VOSH and SVOSH Chapters in a 5-10 day clinic. Apply here




Remuneration Package

FOR VOSH CORPS, selected candidates receive a stipend to cover expenses, housing, relocation travel, health insurance, and return travel to home country per year of contract. The overall package ranges 34-43K depending on credentials.

For the AMBASSADOR Program, VOSH provides grants of up to $2500 each, to be used for: optometric equipment and books for local VOSH/SVOSH chapter, subsidize expenses including travel, food, accommodations. (Up to $1,500 for instruments, equipment, or teaching materials for the SVOSH/VOSH program abroad and $1,000 for travel to and from the destination. The host program will be asked to provide accommodations and local transportation).


If you have a 4-year Doctorate degree in Optometry (residency completion preferred) and a desire to support emerging optometry education and share knowledge in developing countries, you are VOSH CORPS or AMBASSADOR material.


Interested candidates please complete this written expression of interest.

VOSH Corps Program

Ambassador Program

Mentorship Program