Becoming a Student Fellow of VOSH/International (SFVI) is very rewarding. It is a great way to get involved in the organization and be recognized for your passion and commitment to the core values of VOSH/International. Completing the requirements for a student fellowship allows you to interact with your peers and doctors from across the world. Become a SFVI today to learn more about “optometry’s boots on the ground in the effort to eradicate uncorrected refractive error” and be a part of the next generation of VOSH/International!

There are three options listed below to becoming a SFVI. Only ONE option is necessary to complete the student fellowship program. 

Fellowship requirements should be completed by Feb 1st of each school year. Requirements not completed by February 1st may carry over for one year so students may spend two years working towards the requirements. These requirements should be completed and submitted within your time as an active member of SVOSH and prior to graduation from optometry school.

Article summaries should be submitted electronically through the google forms in the links provided.

Please note that participation in a SFVI through VOSH/International does not give the individual any credit towards becoming a Fellow of VOSH/International (FVI).