OutreachPARAGUAY is looking to collaborate with a VOSH chapter to provide vision care to rural Caazapá and Caaguazú, Paraguay. An anticipated 500 patients would need both refractive and ocular health care. OutreachPARAGUAY has taken other healthcare teams to Paraguay, and has a signed agreement with the Paraguayan Ministry of Health. 

OutreachPARAGUAY has a history of organizing service-education trips to Paraguay. The organization provides assistance with trip organization including pre-departure training, in-country programming, in-country ground transportation, hotels, food, translators, and cultural experiences and excursions.

The Directors of OutreachPARAGUAY have been traveling to Paraguay for 30+ years and are well-connected. Milner Sosa was born in Paraguay and Eileen Sosa was introduced to Paraguay through her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Both would be very happy to explore how to bring needed eye care to resource-poor areas in Paraguay.

Please contact Eileen Sosa at epsosa60@gmail.com for more information. More information about the organization can be found at their website: http://outreachparaguay.org