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26th VOSH Annual Meeting 2018

October 12 – 14, 2018, Montreal, Canada

Theme: “United VOSH” 

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The VOSH Fellowship fosters the development of humanitarian leaders to meet the challenge of VISION 2020 and to prepares individuals who may be asked to consult with governmental agencies, educational, private, or public institutions, and the media on issues related to the mission and vision of VOSH/International.

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Years in the planning with VOSH/International as a major collaborating partner, 19 Optometry students begin the long sought journey to build critically needed eye care capacity in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Read this exciting news in the Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI OGS) release below. Past V/I President Dr. Dave McPhillips and Dr. Halpren are there representing VOSH/International.

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VOSH-Ohio has successful Sint Maarteen clinic

I received information from VOSH International that a team was needed into Sint Maarten to provide eye care for the primary school children and being sponsored by the St. Maarten Lions Club. I requested permission from the VOSH-Ohio president to pursue this mission. On August 16, 2017 a letter was sent out to a list of optometrists offering this mission from VOSH-Ohio. I received responses from 13 optometrists showing interest in this mission. By August 21st, I had a team set up to be able to provide the services needed. Working with the Sint Maarten Lions Club and Lion Davey Woods, the dates determined were November 11 through 19, 2017. Invitations were received from the Lions Club, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health wishing us a success with the project. Our lead OD suggested that we obtain sunglasses for the children and I proceeded to find enough sunglasses to provide for 5,000 children. These were received from VOSH Southeast in Florida and the Lions Sorting Center in Indiana. Our local Bluffton Lions Club assisted us in sorting and packing these sunglasses for shipping. The mission was cancelled due to a major hurricane; however, the sunglasses were ready to go and we decided to ship these ahead, hoping that the mission would be on again soon. January 22, 2018 I received an email from Lion Davey Woods from the St. Maarten Lions Club indicating that they were working hard to get the project going for May 12 through 18, 2018. I again notified team members; however, some were unable to attend due to difficulty with those particular... read more

June Chapter of the Month: VOSH-Nebraska

For its repeated and marvelous support of the people of the Dominican Republic, and its many activities, we are proud to recognize VOSH-Nebraska as the VOSH June Chapter of the Month.  Lindsey Behrendt, O.D. Nebraska-VOSH Chapter Member submitted the following report. Ellen Weiss, OD, FVI is the VOSH-Nebraska’s marvelous President: ——— On January 8-11, 2018, Nebraska VOSH and associated VOSH members provided vision care to the people of Santiago and the surrounding communities in the Dominican Republic. The clinic was held at the Creighton University ILAC (Institute for Latin American Concern) Mission.  Twenty-one volunteers from Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, and Oklahoma participated in the trip, including six optometrists and eight optometry students.  The group saw 812 patients throughout their four-day clinic, and they dispensed 564 pairs of glasses on-site, not including sunglasses, lens cases, and other supplies dispensed. They custom ordered 57 pairs of glasses for patients that had prescriptions that were not able to be provided on-site and these will be dispensed to the patients in the following few weeks after their departure. The team referred 191 patients for further care and treatment, including cataract surgery, retina, strabismus, and glaucoma consultation.  A team of surgeons will be at ILAC in March to perform surgeries and provide follow-up care for those patients in need. The trip was an extremely rewarding experience for all those involved and the group was met by thankfulness and grace from the Dominican community!  Video link... read more

OutreachPARAGUAY looking to team up with VOSH

OutreachPARAGUAY is looking to collaborate with a VOSH chapter to provide vision care to rural Caazapá and Caaguazú, Paraguay. An anticipated 500 patients would need both refractive and ocular health care. OutreachPARAGUAY has taken other healthcare teams to Paraguay, and has a signed agreement with the Paraguayan Ministry of Health.  OutreachPARAGUAY has a history of organizing service-education trips to Paraguay. The organization provides assistance with trip organization including pre-departure training, in-country programming, in-country ground transportation, hotels, food, translators, and cultural experiences and excursions. The Directors of OutreachPARAGUAY have been traveling to Paraguay for 30+ years and are well-connected. Milner Sosa was born in Paraguay and Eileen Sosa was introduced to Paraguay through her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Both would be very happy to explore how to bring needed eye care to resource-poor areas in Paraguay. Please contact Eileen Sosa at epsosa60@gmail.com for more information. More information about the organization can be found at their website: http://outreachparaguay.org... read more