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SAVE THE DATE and MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the next VOSH Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida on Sunday October 27, 2019 to be held immediately after the 3rd World Congress of Optometry presented by the World Council of Optometry in partnership with the American Academy of Optometry (Oct. 23-26, 2019). Fittingly, as the meeting is in Orlando, near Disney World, the theme at the VOSH Annual Meeting will be “Big Vision, Small World”, looking at optometry globally. There will be exciting international speakers and relevant breakout sessions and participation by all chapters present. 

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The VOSH Fellowship fosters the development of humanitarian leaders to meet the challenge of VISION 2020 and to prepares individuals who may be asked to consult with governmental agencies, educational, private, or public institutions, and the media on issues related to the mission and vision of VOSH/International.

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Years in the planning with VOSH/International as a major collaborating partner, 19 Optometry students begin the long sought journey to build critically needed eye care capacity in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Read this exciting news in the Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI OGS) release below. Past V/I President Dr. Dave McPhillips and Dr. Halpren are there representing VOSH/International.

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26th VOSH Annual Meeting

Jordan Kassalow awarded Humanitarian of Year, Bud Falkenhain awarded Lifetime Achievement, and Natalie Venezia presented with President Circle Award at the 2018 VOSH Annual Meeting.


Humanitarian Passion and Information on Full Display in Montreal

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VOSH-CT is the October Chapter of the Month

Cited for their continuity in serving the population of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua throughout the years since its founding in 2001, VOSH-Connecticut is the October Chapter of the Month.       Nicole Gaynor submitted the the following description of what VOSH is and what VOSHers do:   VOSH-CT was founded in 2001 by Dr. Matthew Blondin & his wife, Attorney Audrey Blondin. Members of VOSH/Connecticut and support staff run a yearly eye clinic in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua providing eye care to those in need.   During the past three decades VOSH has evolved into a dynamic nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of human sight, mainly in developing countries where there is no welfare. VOSH also serves as a resource for other organizations with similar goals.   The VOSH concept was founded by a Kansas optometrist, Dr. Franklin Harms,in 1972. Currently VOSH/Connecticut is one of 24 nonprofit chapters that are coordinated by the parent organization, VOSH/INTERNATIONAL, whose duty is to keep abreast of chapter activities throughout the United States, including student volunteer groups.   How much VOSH/Connecticut can accomplish is directly related to the funds in hand. While each participant pays his/her own expenses, other costs cannot be ignored: examining equipment, reading glasses, medications, shipping, mailing, to name a few.   Generally, VOSHERS pay their own way and often give up vacation time to participate. While some VOSH eye care missions may be carried out by a single dedicated professional working alone, more frequently services are carried out by a team that may include eye professionals, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, assistants and lay... read more

VOSH-CT to Host RAM Clinic Site

VOSH-CT will be providing eye care services at the RAM USA (Remote Access Medical) clinic site June 20-23, 2019 in Emporia, VA. Optometrists, optometry students, and optometric assistants are needed. Space is limited an emission members are urged to commit as soon as possible. The clinic site is within one day’s drive of New England. For further information contact Dr. Matthew Blondin or Audrey at... read more