VOSH-North Carolina is celebrating an important anniversary this year with the Rotary Club of Grenada East: This dedicated Rotary Club has hosted a VOSH clinic for the past 20 consecutive years! It began with VOSH-Michigan, then VOSH-Illinois and since 2012, has collaborated and served alongside VOSH-North Carolina.

We celebrate their partnership in service and commitment to their local community. This Rotary Club truly puts service above self in all that they do. In preparation of clinic weeks, the Rotarians select appropriate community health clinics to host VOSH team of traveling doctors and other volunteers, and assists them in preparing for a vision clinic for the underserved in their communities. They have provided 20 years of transportation for VOSH teams and equipment. Additionally, they bring drinks, snacks and lunch to the clinics. Following clinics, the Rotarians host fellowship events, celebrating and cherishing the hard work of the partnering teams. Our VOSH teams are repeatedly overwhelmed by the Rotarians’ commitment to living a life of service to help build a stronger, healthier Grenada.

The Rotary Club of Grenada East was chartered in October 1977 and falls under District 7030. The club was chartered with 25 members with three currently serving charter members namely Fred Belfon, Leslie Ramdhanny and Truman Mignon. The club is the second of only two in the island with the other being the Rotary Club of Grenada in the capital, St. Georges. Whilst small in size (sixteen members), the diversity of the club’s member classifications ensure all facets of service to humanity are maintained. The mission statement for the club “Uniting a diversity of positive talents towards the promotion of peace, service and goodwill to humanity” is embedded into all club decisions. Last year, a dedicated Rotarian, Lola, wife of Keith Clarke, lost her battle with cancer. She leaves behind a legacy of service, friendship and strength.

The VOSH Champion Award is a new award as of March 2019 and recognizes the support of individuals and/or organizations outside of VOSH’s structures which help achieve VOSH’s mission in a selfless and totally committed manner. VOSH members rely on local partners to deliver successful clinics from taking care of the basic logistics to ensuring communities are aware of our available services to ensuring our volunteers feel safe and welcomed. Over the years, VOSH chapters have developed strong and positive relationships with innumerable local partners. The VOSH Champion Award intends to celebrate these important contributions to our work.

The VOSH Champion Award is offered quarterly. To nominate VOSH Champions complete the form below by March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1. Awardees will be decided at the end of the respective quarter. Nominators can be VOSH and SVOSH chapters in good standing at the time of the nomination. Nominees can be individuals or organizations based in or outside the USA. NOMINATION FORM for Champion Award