VOSH-NE (Rhode Island)

Congratulations on an amazing trip and thank you for your continued service!
VOSH-Northeast’s last trip to Panama involved a multidisciplinary team of more than 150 students and doctors, helping over 4,000 patients!

Here are some words from Chapter President Dr. Carl Sakovitz:

“Our Panama 2019 mission was our sixth consecutive mission to Panama working with The Dorado Rotary Club of Panama City. This was one of our largest and most diverse missions regarding the number of missionaries and specialities offered to our patients.

For the first time in Panama we ran two simultaneous missions. Our main clinic was in a university in Penonome, roughly two hours from Panama City. It was a unique experience sharing the halls and cafeteria with some of the students taking winter session classes. Our second clinic site was in the remote mountain town of San Roquito roughly two hours from our primary clinic. We set up in a small agricultural school with the intent of serving the surrounding communities. We had no shortage of very needy patients and the biggest challenge was dealing with the intermittent power outages. The missionaries that worked in San Roquito found it to be some of the most rewarding VOSH work they had ever experienced.

We are returning to Panama this January to once again work with our friends at The Dorado Rotary Club. Dr. Rocco Robilotto and I are honored to lead Northeast VOSH along with the guidance of our outstanding advisory board. We are proud of the 33 year longevity of our chapter and the dedication of our members. Our chapter stands organized, motivated, and prepared to serve the needy of Central America now and for years to come.”

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