Ecuador we arrive July 22, 2020 in Guayaquil at about 5 pm and are sleeping over then heading to Cuenca where we are being hosted by the Rotary Club. We have been there 5 times already, they bring in the people from surrounding villages. We return Aug 1st to Guayaquil to head home however many are staying on to visit. In terms of cost it is 900$ Canadian (hotel, meals, transportation etc) plus airfare. Contact Pierre Labine

Mexico we arrive Nov 21, 2020 in Puerto Vallarta and sleep over then have bus transportation to mission site near Ciudad Guzman . We are hosted by the DIF and the mayor. We return to Puerto Vallarta Nov 30th . IN terms of cost it is 850$ Canadian ( hotel, meals, transportation etc) plus airfare. We have been working in different surrounding villages for 20 years now

We would have room for around 6 students. In case of Canadian student, we can issue them tax receipts and the donor can claim the cost when they do their income tax in Canada since we are registered with Revenu Canada Contact Pierre Labine