For its extraordinary work and level of activity in serving the people of the Mexican state of Chihuahua at the Guerrero clinic, as well as in Rio Bravo, VOSH/International is proud to recognize VOSH-Texas as the March chapter of the mont

Excerpted from Chapter President Thomas Pruett, OD year end report:

As always, our spring, summer and fall clinics are conducted in our wonderful facilities in Guerrero, Chihuahua. We also had VOSH Texas members participate in the annual hospital-based clinic held in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas. Just south of the Rio Grande River between McAllen and Brownsville, Texas….

One of our greatest achievements since locating to Guerrero, Chihuahua is having Mexican ophthalmologists embrace our clinic and provide eye care to those without. We have five skilled Mexican eye surgeons with big hearts working alongside us at each clinic as well as dozens of Mexican volunteers, including teenagers who serve as translators and in other capacities…

We perform as many as 250 cataract surgeries in one clinic! These cataracts are terribly dense, rendering many of our patients totally blind. We also have a retinal specialist attend who treats diabetic retinopathy with our argon laser. Our YAG laser remains busy as well, eliminating hazy posterior capsules.

Our volunteer optometrists see from 600 to 800 patients at each clinic and we fabricate & dispense hundreds of pairs of glasses in our well-equipped optical shop. From our very first clinic, optometry students from five different optometry colleges have volunteered with us. They profited from their experiences and many have altered the trajectory of their contributions to optometry because of it… For photos and more, See or