Hello All,
We are a recently established not for profit organization in Nepal. Our board members consist of optometrists and public health experts who have over 5 years experience in organizing and actively participating in various eye health charitable works.
Better Vision Foundation Nepal was established to address the need of significantly reducing the common causes of avoidable blindness such as refractive errors in Nepal. This is the first organization led by a group of Optometrists targeting to reduce refractive error related blindness in adults and children. Our main focus is indigenous population, low-income adults,
marginalized and disadvantaged population.
Our next project is set to be in 2018 on Vision care to Chepang community, a highly marginalized and endangered population of Nepal. We can read more about Chepang people in this article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chepang_people
We are looking for a VOSH team to join us in this humanitarian mission. Please contact at the following email addresses if you are interested and want to learn more:
Official Email: bvfnepal@gmail.com
Vice President for International Affairs: Dr. Nabin Paudel
Email: paudel.nabin@gmail.com
We look forward to welcoming you to Nepal and hope that you will join hands with us in this mission.

Thank you so much.
Nabin Paudel, PhD