VOSH- IL (Clinic Leader: Natalie Venezia) worked with the Kiwanis of Panama City in 2007 and had a very rewarding experience. The Kiwanis club coordinated everything that was needed to accomplish our mission. We found them to be caring and generous.


Since 2007, the Kiwanis has grown in Panama and recently opened three clubs in the Darien area.  The Kiwanis have contacted VOSH and would like to organize a VOSH clinic in the jungle area of Darien which is on the east side of Panama. They “would love to host a VOSH group and coordinate a clinic to provide the gift of sight to those who are unfortunate and have no means to remedy their situation”.


They are open to any dates and willing to do all the work required for this VOSH trip.
Please contact Natalie Venezia, mailto:venezia@VOSH.org for contact information.