Optometrists needed for a trip to the Guerrero Clinic in Chihuahua, Mexico from June 6th-9th. Optometry students from SUNY want to come, but they need mentors. Please read the message from Dr. Tom Pruett below:

“I hope you have received my many requests to come to Mexico to help with our VOSH clinics, but this time we have a special need! There are a group of optometry students who want to come from SUNY college of optometry, but we do not have mentors for them! This is such a great opportunity for students to learn and see so many things they would not ordinarily get to see. Please consider coming! This clinic was designed for families and many of us have taken our extended families in years past. It is also an opportunity to visit Copper Canyon, one of nature’s most awesome sights. We have been conducting clinics in this little farming community since 1989 and have never seen any violence or felt unsafe at any time. It is located in the “Valley of the Apples”, 100 miles west of Chihuahua. The food is outstanding, the accommodations good and the experience unbelievable! Please mention it to friends and visit: www.guerreroclinic.org for travel info. The clinic will start on June 6th and end on June 9th with only post-ops on the last day. We will have 3 ophthalmologists eagerly awaiting your cataract patients and you might even be able to twist their arms to do an occasional ptergium. You can even do your own YAGS if you wish! Please come!”

Contact Tom Pruett, OD