February 3-11, 2018 to Gomez Palacio, Mexico, VOSH-SD, Contact Jennifer Ness, moore300zx@yahoo.com, or sdvosh@gmail.com 605-210-3141
The Gomez Palacio Lions Club covers all of our transportation, food and lodging for the week. Doctors are only responsible for their airfare.
This is the 43rd mission to Gomez Palacio MX. We team up with the local Lions Club to serve the patients. Doctors need to bring basic equipment such as BIO, retniscope, trial lens kit. There is a slit lamp and auto-refractor at the Lions Club. Patient load is based on how many doctors we have. 
Here’s a brief breakdown of the week:
Saturday- arrival day- we will land in Torreon fairly late but the Lions Club will feed us and check us in to the hotel.
Sunday- Mass at nearby church, lunch and set up the clinic then some sort of outing or watch the Super Bowl
Monday & Tuesday- clinic 9am to around 6pm with an hour or so break for lunch
Wednesday- clinic 9am to around 6pm with lunch, then a big party that night (wear dancing shoes)
Thursday- clinic 9am to around 6pm with lunch
Friday- clinic 9am to around 1pm, after lunch tear down clinic, rest on the afternoon is free until banquet (semi formal)
Saturday- shopping, sight seeing, bbq, relax
Sunday- fly home