I am a member of the Sint Maarten Lions Club in the Dutch Caribbean. In 2001 our Lions Club brought Canadian Vision Care to the island of Sint Maarten and a group of Ophtomotrist tested the eyes of some 5000 elementary school children and donated some 350 eyeglasses to children needing them. We would like to repeat this beautiful project in the fall of 2016. We will be more than happy if your organization can assist us to realize the screening of all elementary school children this year. Our Club has been involved in sight projects on the island for the past 45 years and have done eye screening and have donated hundreds of eyeglasses to the less fortunate and children. We would appreciate if you could accept to come down to Sint Maarten and screen the eyes of our children and senior citizens. All costs will be covered by our Club either through our own fundraising, corporate sponsorship or a grant from Lions Clubs International. I have been charged with the organization of this project by our incoming president. Please have your group contact promptly if you have interest.

Wally Havertong, PDG, PMJF
11 Amaryllis Road, Mary’s Fancy Sint Maarten (Dutch Caribbean).