We are planning a trip to Fort Portal, Uganda that will leave the US on February 22 or 23 and return on March 10, 2019. We are looking for licensed optometrists and other healthcare providers. Our primary goal is to provide eye care. There will be seven working days which will leave a couple days for safari trips to nearby national parks. In country costs have not been nailed down, but a rough estimate at this time is around $1500. This estimate does not include safari costs which are reasonable due to the closeness of the parks. Airfare is provided through the generosity of Emirates Airline Foundation. Any non-licensed individual who wishes to go will have to provide their own airfare.
If an ophthalmologist  is available to provide cataract surgeries they would be very much appreciated. Also, if anyone wishes to arrive in Uganda early or leave later that can be arranged, but the core cost and expected work time will have to correspond with the group. Expenses outside the group will be up to the individual. For more details contact Clyde B. Slavin, OD. clyde.slavin@gmail.com 360-909-3776