Dr. Marina Roma-March is in touch with a Rotary Group which would like a VOSH team to do an eye care project in Jinotega Nicaragua, located 2-2 1/2 hour drive from the Managua airport on a very good highway. Please contact Dr. March at twecs@shaw.ca

The clinic is located about 20 minutes outside of Jinotega. It is the Centro Clinico “Nazareth” and is a facility recently  built by a Spanish charity specifically for the use of visiting health care professionals. It is located in its own compound and has a back-up power supply. There is also a surgical suite, if needed, for an eye surgeon. There is plenty of space for people to wait under shelter from the sun or rain. Photos of this clinic can be seen here.

The host would be AVODEC, a Nicaraguan NGO with extensive experience in hosting medical teams from outside Nicaragua. They have quite a bit of experience in helping health care people obtain Ministry of Health approvals and customs clearance of supplies and equipment. The accommodations would be at the Hotel Cafe in Jinotega, a family-run boutique hotel that is the most common accommodation for visiting medical teams. It has about 25 rooms and is very well run and secure. (President Obama’s Secretary of Labour stayed here a couple of years ago so it must have passed the Secret Service test.) Room rate is about $40US per night. Meals are an additional charge.