Fall 2015 Nepal Trek and Medical Mission Opportunity in the Remote Himalaya: Two optometrists are needed to join a team of medical professionals in providing care for 12 days while trekking through the remote Himalaya in Nepal near the Tibetan border papaonking.ca .

The Tsum Valley is home to 3000 Tibetan Buddhists Canada Goose Cyber Monday sales who have received very little medical care due to remoteness of their location. Modernity has not yet made inroads into the daily lives of the people there because the region has only recently been opened to the West for trekking.

Volunteers will experience spectacular scenery and immersion in the Tibetan Buddhist culture. The Tsumbas, as they call themselves, are described by Westerners as a gracious and grateful people.

More information is available on the following site: www.volunteersfornepal.blogspot.com. All arrangements for the trip will be made by Rachel Frazin, a Minnesota-based family nurse practitioner who has volunteer experience in Nepal. Contact Rachel directly at rachelfrazin01@gmail.com with any questions you many have, or if you are interested in participating.