June 30-July 3, 2019

This mission is designed for independent travel so that participants are free to make their own plans for R and R and sightseeing either before or after the clinic.  Participants will assemble for a meet and greet dinner, organization and briefing at the Hotel Inka Path at 6:00 PM Lima Time on Sunday, June 30th. The next day, Monday , July 1st, team members will go to work at the clinic site at OPRECE a large and modern medical clinic in central Lima.  The mission will be a part of OPRECE’s urban social outreach campaign. The mission will officially finish at the end of the third work day, Wednesday, July 3rd.

Scope of Clinic – The clinic will last three work days.  This mission will be hosted by Peruvian Optometrist Severo Sanchez, the Director of Instituto Euro-Hispano, one of Peru’s leading optometry schools and a long time VOSH partner..  We may be joined by a small team of optometry practitioners from the Dominican Republic who work on VOSH affiliated projects in the D.R. The patient mix is expected to be 70 percent adults, 15 percent adolescents and 15 percent children.  We expect to see approximately 200 patients per day.

Docs only need to bring their own personal computers.  OPRECE will supply all other equipment. OPRECE is located in the Magdalena section of Lima, one of the most pleasant sections of the town.  Our hotel, the Inka Path, is located in the center of the touristic district of the capital, four blocks from the Plaza de Armas. Breakfast will be supplied by the hotel but lunch and dinner are on our own.  You can fully check out the Magdalena del Mar section where we will be working and the Hotel Inka Path on the internet.

This mission is designed for independent travel.  Participants are responsible for getting to the headquarters hotel in Lima on their own and responsible for all in country travel not associated with the clinic in Lima.  The mission cost, which includes half the double rate for Sunday through Tuesday night at the hotel, including breakfasts and medical insurance during the clinic days, VOSH Southeast dues and mission and clinic incidental expenses will be $350.00 payable to VOSH/Southeast with return of the necessary Mission Participation documents.  Add $75.00 for a total of $425.00 if you want a single room at the hotel. VOSH/Southeast will issue a tax deduction letter for charitable contribution purposes one month after the completion of the mission. The mission fee will be payable to VOSH/Southeastern with return of the necessary Mission Participation documents: (1) Mission Application (2)  Release and hold-Harmless agreement (3) Confidential Medical Questionnaire. CONTACT BEN FRIEDMAN at friedmanben97@gmail.com or call him at 561-870-6363 to ask any questions or request the Mission Application and related documents.  

For information on other clinic opportunities, see http://voshke.wpenginepowered.com/get-involved/clinics/