The Hawaiian Eye Foundation’s 4th Myanmar Eye Meeting will be held September 2-5 in Yangon. Most local residents do not obtain much surgical or clinical experience so HEF provides skills transfer courses for all Burmese residents to enhance their skills one-on-one with an instructor.

We are currently looking for a retinoscopy workshop faculty who will teach a one-hour course to 1-2 local residents at a time. The course should consist of a short lecture followed by loads of hands on practice. The intimate setting allows the students to ask questions and go over difficult cases together.

All volunteers pay their own airfare, lodging at our group hotel, and food expenses. All costs are considered a tax deductible donation to HEF. If cost is a factor, please let me know and we can discuss options to reduce.

Thank you for your consideration. If both would like to join us, we could open up a position for refraction, visual fields, oct or gonio.