We have something exciting happening at VOSH. Michel Listenberger, OD, FVI and VOSH Historian is writing a book, “Bringing the World into Focus – A History of VOSH”. The origin of the book came about when Michel assumed the role of VOSH historian. As he sorted through the VOSH archives, read past newsletters, legal documents and stories that have been handed down through the years, the importance of preserving this part of VOSH history became apparent. Michel, a published author, brought the proposal of a VOSH history book to the board and we are happy to see this project develop. Why is this exciting? It’s important to know who we are and part of that is where we’ve come from. Many dedicated people have moved VOSH along so that is has become the wonderful international NGO that is it. The beauty of the book is that Michel has been able to interview many of the past presidents and board members. The book chronicles the origins and advancements of VOSH over the last several decades. Want to find out more about VOSH’s expansion into Africa, our TTP (Technology Transfer Program), chapter growth, and read funny, entertaining and emotional VOSH stories? All this will be in the 150-200 page history of VOSH book. You are invited to make a donation of any amount to support the upcoming book written by noted author and fellow VOSHer, Dr. Michel Listenberger. Donations are tax deductible. If you’re generous enough to donate $1,000 by April 15, 2016 your name will be “credited” in the front of the book.

Ellen L. Weiss, OD, FVI, President