The first two VOSH Texas clinics of this year were highly successful. We were a little short of ODs for the spring clinic with only 3 in attendance, but by working late we managed to care for over 300 patients, sending over 100 for cataract surgery. We always have a great surgical team to refer to. The summer clinic was attended by 5 SVOSH students from SUNY in New York as well as 4 recent OD graduates, two from U of H and 2 from Aguascalientes. We had one VOSH OD from Penticton, British Columbia and one from Cuauhtemoc, Mexico. This team pretty well filled our 10 exam rooms and around 800 patients were examined and over 150 were sent to surgery.
Our fall clinic will be the week of September 10th. Four ODs are already registered! Applications can be found at:! Two of our members attended the VOSH conference in Denver two weeks ago where we learned of the other great work VOSH is doing around the world. As a result of this Denver meeting, we learned more about The Essilor Vision Foundation and its great work with VOSH.  VOSH Texas is now a partner with The Essilor Vision Foundation and takes advantage of the services and materials offered by them. If you wish more info about this Foundation, please contact me or the EVF web site.
Tom Pruett, OD